7 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast #129: Sean Grybos, Soccer City FC”

  1. Kartik — While your blogs, “Kartik Report” and MLS talk” are usually very informative and entertaining, I am constantly frustrated by your “happy talk” about college soccer. Maybe it’s because I grew up (soccerwise) on a steady diet of Paul Gardner’s columns. While I didn’t always agree with him, I felt that he filled an essential vacuum in the world of soccer—he loved the game but saw how it was being ill served by people who should have been its biggest proponents. I am referring to the coaching fraternity amongst which the major college coaches are predominant.
    In this podcast you and Sean have nothing but positive things to say about the college scene even referring to a “renaissance” due to the arrival of more African players. The overall big college soccer scene has been ugly, is ugly and will continue to be so until the mentality of the current coaching fraternity is shaken up.
    Major college coaches have an influence that far outweighs their numbers because every high school and select team coach is geared up to provide the types of players that these coaches desire — big and athletic. Why would these coaches choose big and athletic over skillful. BECAUSE IT’S EASIER TO WIN !! Recruiting and developing a well rounded skillful team is very difficult and by itself doesn’t guarantee wins. Why is college soccer different than college football and basketball? Simple –because the youth culture that develops skilled football and basketball players already exists in the US. In addition, prospective players in these sports are constantly inundated by examples of skillful players in the media. In soccer we don’t have the media or the overall culture to help in the development of skilled players. Instead we have been driven by the desire for college scholarships and therefore for the type of players that get college scholarships.
    MLS now provides the chance to break out of the grip of the college coaches but guess who the poster boys are for the nations soccer youth —the same big and athletic players that have been turned out by our major colleges for the past 30 years.
    My final evidence of the state of college soccer is the non-existent support that the college game gets among the schools own students — no one goes because it’s BORING to watch — and why should these same players suddenly become exciting when they are on an MLS team?

    Kartik and friends — please start presenting a true picture of college soccer — US Soccer needs the fresh air.

    1. I don’t completely disagree with you……..I do though deal in realities as to the current setup and simply hoping we can make it as good as possible given the current constraints. PDL and NPSL help us do that.

  2. Yes –PDL and NPSL can/should provide an alternative. I also have seen some promise in the very small colleges. That area needs to be developed and the players need to be given more access to things like the Florida combine. Breaking the stranglehold that the major schools have on post season honors and on the MLS draft would be a big step forward.

  3. Solid point passes, although I would argue that we hardly went down a lovefest path of hugs and kisses for the major college programs.

    And I agree, small schools, need recognition. I think it is massive that Patriot League has Adam Welch and Conor O’Brien heading to combine. Two players! Who knew?

    Keep an eye out for small school player Jon Ports out of tiny York College PA who should get his recognition come SuperDraft day.

  4. Did you guys hear about Landon Donovan getting the #9 jersey for Everton? Pretty awesome, I thought Louis Saha wore the jersey but I guess he switced it. Check it out:


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