Fox Soccer Channel Switches to Sky Sports Champions League Feeds

fox-soccer-channelChristmas has arrived early thanks to Fox Soccer Channel with the exclusive news that the knockout stages of the Champions League on FSC and FSN, as well as the final on FX, will feature the two-person commentary teams from Sky Sports instead of the UEFA/international commentary teams.

Some of you observant Fox Soccer Channel viewers may have noticed that Martin Tyler and Andy Gray commentated the Wolfsburg against Manchester United game earlier this week, while Alan Parry and Don Goodman were behind the mics for the Olympiakos against Arsenal match. That’s just a taste of the top-notch commentary you can expect to hear for the remainder of the Champions League season.

This is brilliant news. The quantity and quality of Champions League coverage Fox Soccer Channel has provided so far this season has been exemplary, but the only disappointment has been the abysmal commentating provided by UEFA’s team of commentators ran by Tim White Media Consultancy. The commentating has been so woeful that Tim White and his colleagues have become a running joke on EPL Talk.

Thankfully, Fox has corrected the issue by replacing the feed with the commentator feed directly from Sky Sports which features some of the best experts in the world such as Tyler, Gray, Parry, Ian Darke and many others.

A big thank you to Fox Soccer Channel for listening to its viewers and making the wise decision. Au revoir Tim White. Bienvenue Sky Sports.


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