EPL Talk Podcast: Setanta Sports Update


Setanta Sports Shane O’Rourke joins host Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss the status of the network in North America on the day Setanta UK went into administration and stopped broadcasting.

O’Rourke also answers questions about Setanta-i, their new broadband product, as well as answering questions about the status of GAA and rugby on its channel.

You can follow Setanta US on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/setantaus

35 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Setanta Sports Update”

  1. I am from Canada, and I just want to wish you good riddance, and plz don’t let the 15CAD per month you were asking for your non HD program hit you in the back when you close the door and go bakrupt.

    Ridiculous prices, when you can/were watch(ing) EPL cheaper on Sportsnet and The Score. Nice to see you gone, football should remain a cheap $$$ alternative/entertainment.

    To think GoalTV is 5 CAD and has 2 championships showing or FSW has Italy on Saturday, TLN has Italy on Sunday, TV5 has France on Saturday all included in a normal HD monthly fee, well…I am happy to see you gone!!!

    Give back the Saturday morning game to Sportsnet like it was 2-3 yrs ago and Monday game to The Score or TSN, and call it a day. It was funny to have you around.

    15CAD per months, ridiculous…

    1. We are still in business in Canada! PS Sportsnet are our are partner.

      I hope that does not upset up too much.

      2-3 years ago EPL was a lot cheaper. 20% of the cost.

      Maybe you live in a world of fantasy football. Where do you think the money comes from to pay for rights. Advertising? In Canada. You are off you tiny mind!

  2. Gabe, with all due respect, you’re a total numpty.

    Yes it’s true that Sportsnet had 2 or even 3 PL games on a Saturday in days past. What you may not remember or chose not to remember is just how many times those games were preempted for junior hockey or golf or some other abomination.

    Further many of those games were often the very worst from the entire schedule and were obviously chosen by someone who had no idea of the importance of the fixtures. I remember many a time when we slogged through Birmingham vs. Newcastle or Spurs vs. Middlesborough long after those games had become totally meaningless, while relegation or UEFA Cup implications were utterly ignored.

    Plus how the hell could you convince Sportsnet of the value of the League Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, Championship matches, promotion playoffs etc. etc.? They could barely understand the PL for bloody hell’s sake and I shudder to think what they might do with the Champions League. (Not that they could do a worse job that TSN I suppose, until they also decide to cut it for Curling.)

    Like it or not Setanta brought football coverage out of the dark ages in Canada and I for one will be devastated when it’s gone and I’m back to watching cheap crap pictures on peer to peer websites just to see the latest FA Cup or UEFA Cup match.

  3. Gabe,

    you must be out of your mind!!
    15cad a MONTH is a lot?!?! …. it’s less than a lapdance for christ’s sake …

    I really do hope that ESPN takes over the EPL rights for canada so that you pay 20USD per one game and dream about the days you had to pay a lousy 15cad for a whole month of service…

  4. Good job Chris & Kartik getting the interview out with the newsmaker sooner then anyone else.

    As far as Setanta USA, better in my book to become ESPN International asap.

  5. GoalTV = Goltv

    Also Gabe, sounds like you just like to watch random football games (England,France,Spain,Italy) and since nobody is holding a gun to your head to subscribe to Setanta you should just take a hike.

    Some of us only care about the EPL and want to see all the games. We just don’t want to see the Man United v. Liverpool game, we want the see the teams at the bottom battle it out. Add to that the Rugby & GAA which NO other provider is going to provide….

    I hope you don’t subscribe to Movie Network or Super Channel. What $19/month for a few new movies every month that are a few years old and get repeated non stop.

  6. love the comment in the interview “you will always get a response”…my arse. Never got a resonse from setanta-i once
    you cannot delete your creditcard details from the site neither.
    say no more

  7. I’m hearing that it is only a matter of time before the other units get sold. Why the great need for Setanta anyway now. ESPN can hire it’s former staff and it will sound the same. I guess why does it seem ok for an Irish business to broadcast events from the UK but an American company can not do it right? If you think ESPN can not do a UK event well check out it’s coverage of Wimbledon right now. It’s better then anyone in the market and you have 360 for online coverage.

  8. Even if they’re not shutting down right away, Setanta Sports U.S. is in dire straits in the U.S. Time Warner refuses to carry it. Comcast only has it in 2 markets, as does Cox. Even if cable companies do carry it, it’s only available for an extra fee. Satellite is basically the only way to get it as part of the basic package, and in the U.S., satellite is limited to rural areas (mostly non-soccer fans) and bars. And the closure in the U.K. is not going to help matters in the U.S. at all, because the cable systems are going to point to that and say, “How can we sign a multi-year agreement when we don’t even know you’re going to be around next year.”

    I’m glad the Setanta U.S. folks are making the rounds to address the fans, but the media outlets they need to be talking to in this country are Daily Variety and Broadcasting & Cable, not EPLTalk. They’re the ones that need to be reassured so they can keep growing in the U.S.

    I hope ESPN does step in, but I have a feeling their waiting for Setanta U.S. to Newcastle itself before they do anything

    I feel especially bad for my rugger friends, though. Setanta is pretty much their lifeline and unless ESPN willing to buy Setanta and make it a rugby/cricket outlet, they’re going to be SOL.

  9. Lou, the fundamental difference is American broadcasters have covered Wimbledon and the (British) Open Championship for years and Golf is actually more popular as a spectator sport in the US than it is in the UK.

    American broadcasters can cover footy, but ESPN has repeatedly butchered names and had sportscenter anchors giggle on air when reading soccer highlights.

    The core mainstream sports reporter who ESPN attracts treats Wimbledon and the Open with a respect that they’ll never treat any football event.

    While I am glad ESPN has formally acquired La Liga rights I shutter at the thought of Sportscenter which these days does nothing but promote ESPN properites (recall when SC was an objective news show? In those days ESPN didn’t have NBA rights but still would lead off many shows with it) and its anchors making fun of the names in La Liga and should their be a nill nill draw throwing in some editorial commentary they think is funny but in reality is insulting and could be applied to every baseball game in a long and boring 162 game season where every team plays every other team 17 times it seems.

    1. Say what you want, ESPN has a larger audience than all other sports outlets combined, plus Derek Rae, the best soccer announcer living in America, and J.P. Dellacamera, who has more experience doing soccer games than any other U.S.-born announcer in this country. Also, they have the best looking and best technical broadcasts on TV.

      Fox Soccer, while nice to have, has Max Bretos and other announcers I don’t care to listen to, and doesn’t put any money into production.

      As for the La Liga rights, those are primarily for ESPN Deportes. Probelm is, the #1 league among Spanish-speakers in the U.S. is the Mexican Primera Division and Cristano Ronaldo and Kaka are not going to change that.

    2. Kartik:
      As you know ESPN is relatively recent on the Wembledon scene. For years NBC and Dick Endberg and Bud Collins made the grass courts famous here while ESPN was still a dream.

      It’s one of those tings that if you build it they will come. If ESPN has wordl class soccer on a regualr basis you will them develop a team of producers, broadcasters, and studio personal to show the matches in their best light. Right now soccer is down on the list of events for them, but with the historic USA victory today maybe moving up fast.

  10. “J.P. Dellacamera, who has more experience doing soccer games than any other U.S.-born announcer in this country.”

    And what does that say? Try listening to any game called by this guy and former US player John Harkes and you’ll be switching to the Telemundo coverage in no time. They barely call the game…talking about mundane details about stuff that doesn’t even belong on a pregame show, always say a players full name (first and last) as if they’re reading it from a program (chances are good they don’t know 3/4 of the players in games they call), and quite obviously show that they don’t really follow much of the sport other than MLS games.

    1. I’ll give you John Harkes, worse on the ears than a chorus of vuvuzelas. But you’re basically taking a dump on J.P. Dellacamera who’s done more to bring U.S. Soccer to the American audience than anyone because simply because he’s got a bad color guy. And he’s a hell of a lot better than Bretos and Warren over at FSC.

  11. Not Happening, that’s why for years I have advocated Adrian Healey as a “soft landing” for ESPN. Derek Rae was antagonistic towards MLS and US Soccer when he used to call the games in the late 90s and JP/Harkes clearly don’t follow any league outside MLS, not even knowing the most basic details about the Mexican League which is in your face here in the US.

    Healey has for a long time been a strong advocate for the American game while keeping his links to England and European football. As you may know he still calls MLS games on occasion for MSG and is well grounded in the history of the national team. He’d be the perfect choice to call USMNT, and then as a color analyst get rid of the former USMNT players once and for all and maybe take Glen Davis, who serves as a play by play guy but can also do color and follows football from all over Latin America and Europe as the color commentator. .

    1. Glenn Davis would be an excellent choice to take over first team duties if they make a change, but that could just be the Dynamo fan in me talking

  12. During the podcast Mr. O’Rourke clearly stated that the broadband service was not at the moment accepting new customers but at the end of the podcast when you summarized what he said, you stated that the broadband service would accept new customers. Seems to be a contradiction.

      1. We are excepting new customers on Setanta i in the US and Canada. I am sorry if there was any confusion there. We are also still very much in business in these two markets on cable and sat platforms

  13. Isn’t Shane O’Rourke the same fool that was on here trying to make excuses for the poor roll out of setanta-i? Hopefully setantaus and broadband will fold and the rights get sold to someone that offers a quality reliable product with actual tech support.

  14. It looks like setanta us will fold eventually. i know how to save espn millions and keep everyone happy. give us the feed as the UK …simple..then we dont have to listen to donkeys who dont know nothin about footy.
    ( Healy and Rae are exeptions)

    1. What’s interesting to me is how suddenly so many people seem capable of predicting the future (without really knowing what the Hell is actually going to happen)

      1. I’ve been saying this for more than a year. Please don’t insult me when I haven’t done that to you.

        It’s simple business. Too much expansion, too little real reach. And the pay-per-channel model hasn’t worked in the U.S. for sports ever in a one-channel format. Add to it the loss of what was supposed to be the backbone of the organization and you have to see it all happening.

        And if I’m wrong, I will gladly admit it. Until then, let’s not get snippy.

        1. On the contrary, I was being exceedingly polite… besides, what made you think that I personally directed that to you?

  15. And yes, I know they are “different companies.” In reality, that’s a difference on the balance sheet, not in reality. All of Rupert Murdoch’s companies are part of one organization, and we know that one or two networks will easily be sold to pay the debts of another.

    1. Obviously there is a difference since the UK operation is closed down and the US is not… now that’s not to say that something won’t happen (like the channel being sold) but I’m just constantly amazed by the shear volume of people already predicting imminent demise without knowing anything.

      1. OK, think about it from a cable operators point of view. Why should Time Warner sign a multi-year contract (like most networks) and pay license fees to add a network which just closed shop in it’s largest overseas market and the source of most of their programming?

        Setanta can say whatever they want, the cable companies that don’t already carry Setanta have no idea whether or not this network will be around over the life of the contract, and they’re not going to add it after this news.

        1. Until I hear an actual, official word from someone on this matter it’s all pointless speculation. You don’t know what the response of cable and satelitte companies will be–that’s the ultimate point of all this.

          And furthermore, does a single subscription based channel even work the same way in terms of contracts agreed upon by cable and satelitte providers? We’re not talking about a channel marketed as part of a package of other related channels “like most other networks” ..so who can even say that the details of those agreements are remotely the same?

          In the end all of this is just one *slightly extended* way of saying the obvious: we don’t know. And no amount of predictions are going to change that…

          1. I don’t think Setanta is a premium channel like Showtime or HBO, but yes, if it’s available on cable it’s usually part of a package that includes, say ESPNU, ESPN Classic, Versus, Fox College Sports, Fox Soccer Channel, and The Golf Channel. (YMMV) Still, I think the usual procedure is the cable company pays the channel a license fee for the rights to carry the network on it’s system. And they’re usually fairly long term contracts

            It’s available on satellite, the problem is a lot of neighborhood associations (which you contractually agree to be a part of when you buy a piece of property) won’t let you have a dish.

  16. Does anyone know the correct email for setanta billing? I keep
    emailing them about billing me twice this month and am getting no response.

  17. I’m from Canada and I must say, if Setanta goes I will be DEVISTATED! Canada has next to NO coverage of any futbol other then MLS. Setanta is watch regularly for many Premier League games, World Cup Qualifiers, Champions League and UEFA Cup futbol. I have no problem paying 15 bucks a month, I have a job and I’m not a cheap skate. If Setanta has Spain’s La Liga games as well, I’d pay 20 bucks a month. Fox Sports World Canada we also have but he has a whole lot of next to nothing on it other then a few Serie A and Argentine league games. TSN is garbage and GolTV and ESPN are almost non exsistant here.

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