09-10 Premier League Kits: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

In a tribute to the Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” EPL Talk has categorized the new shirts for the 2009-2010 season into three categories. It wasn’t easy. Many of the ones that we would have placed in a mediocre category, if it was available, had to go into “The Good” or “The Bad.” Most of the ones down the middle of the line went into the latter.

Football clubs have transition years where instead of winning trophies, they end up rebuilding and strengthening their squads and preparing for greater success the following season. This, I believe, is what’s happening to the 2009-2010 season of shirt designs for Premier League clubs. There are a few strong ones, but the majority of designs lack imagination, are bereft of new ideas and are just plain awful.

Here are the results:

The Good

Manchester City home & away shirts
Blackburn Rovers home shirt
Chelsea third shirt
Liverpool away shirt
Sunderland home shirt
Burnley home shirt

The Bad:

Arsenal away shirt
Aston Villa away shirt
Chelsea away shirt
Blackburn Rovers away
Sunderland away shirt
West Ham United away shirt
West Ham United away shirt
Wigan Athletic home shirt
Burnley away shirt
Fulham home shirt
Manchester City away shirt
Manchester City away shirt
Spurs away shirt

The Ugly:

Everton home shirt
Bolton home shirt
Manchester United home shirt
Chelsea home shirt
Stoke City away shirt
Wolves home shirt
Wolves away shirt
Birmingham City away shirt
Spurs home and away shirts
Spurs home and third shirts

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101 thoughts on “09-10 Premier League Kits: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”

  1. Sorry, don’t agree with your assessment of Fulham’s home kit. I think the additional of black accents is brilliant.

  2. i like fullhams home kit also. its simple, the way one should be.
    i also dont think the wigan kit is that bad either.

  3. I hate to say it, but I don’t see one kit in that whole bunch that looks appealing or is created with any sense of quality design. You might as well take random wallpaper samplings from English sitting rooms and make jerseys out of them. Probably would be an improvement.

  4. I don’t see what’s particularly galling about Wolves home, Burnley / Villa away or Fulham, Chelsea’s “wannabe Inter” away kit is exactly the WRONG strip for a club still pining for Mourinho.

    Don’t know what makes the Sunderland or Rovers kits so wonderful – pretty much a Sunderland and a rovers kit.

    Want to see the Everton throwback kit in play before rendering a decision, but it wasn’t one of my favourite EFC kits in the first place.

    Too much going on in the Manchester United kit, and it’s an old template from 2006. Weak choice. Would have been fine as an alt kit (colours consistent with the 1910 white kit). Not good as a number 1.

    Bolton – Don’t want to see that kit EVER. Hideous.

  5. Fulham’s kit is outstanding in my opinion. That seems to be the general consensus here in the comments.

  6. best of the lot is Man Shitty away… a la Peru circa 78 world cup
    Fulham and Villa look great
    Brum…WHAT IS THAT! looks like a Sunday Pub Team’s THIRD KIT!
    Sunderland and Bolton, I think I have throw up in my mouth
    Blackburn, a bit busy, but has promise I think…

    As a United Fan I LOVE the fact that the Man Shitty Sponsors Etihad Airways translates to “United Airways” snigger…all we needed this season was for united to sign a deal with Citi Bank then we could all be pissing our pants 😉

  7. I actually like the new Chelsea home shirt… it’s on my list of wanted items before the July 26th game in Arlington.

  8. I quite like all of the kits acctually. Even though I’m not too sure about Sunderlands away. Sunderland have white on both of their new kits. I don’t know what’s happened to Umbro. All of the collars are exactly the same on all kits made by Umbro, apart from on Man. City’s kits and Sunderlands away. I LOVE West Ham’s new away kit. It looks beautiful (even though I support Arsenal)!!!!! What is going on at Spurs? The yellow lines don’t suit the home and away shirts at all!!! Arsenal’s Navy with Sky Blue pinstiped shirt looks mint! Fulham’s kit is well cool! It looks a bit like Arsenal’s 08/09 away kit but in different colours. Both Blackburn ones I h8, I mean, DUH, Umbro!!?? White on both kits u thickoes!!! Wolves are ok but not good. Birmingham; ok. Stoke brilliant. All 3 Chelsae kits are rubbish! Man. United’s kit is ok-ish. Bolton’s are outsdanding, literally! Everton’s is rubbish. Burnley’s 2 kits are good but not great. Wigan’s are outstanding (even though they have exactly the same sponsor as Bolton)!!!!!!!!! All the rest are brilliant.

  9. The new Chelsea kit is terrible.. It looks like a mash up of a track jacket and a sports bra.. Major step down from last years kit.

  10. I just heard Danny Kelly on Talksport refer to the new Spurs home kit as looking like ‘streaks of urine in snow’… he’s right. It’s horrible.

    I do like the Man City shirts though (all of them including the away shirt that you have in the ‘bad’ section).

    Chelsea third shirt is awful, why did you put that in the ‘good’ section?

    Nothing wrong with the Burnley away, Stoke away, Wolves home or Fulham shirt. Nothing at all.

  11. i rekon blackburns away kit is really nice. especially when u consider the flourescent yellow and moody orange monstrosities we’ve had in the past

  12. manchester citys one is a fake just saw santa cruz on the website using the real one doesnt look a thing like that

  13. Chelsea’s third kit is wicked sweet. Just went out and got one! Everyone (Chelsea fans and haters alike) think it’s top class.

  14. if you think some of them are bad pity the poor newcastle fans, not only with the heartbreak of relegation to contend with now they have an away kit that makes them look like a solero gone wrong.

  15. Liverpools away kit look gr8, 9/10. Villas away kit 9/10. West ham away 8/10, Man c all kits 7/10, manure 7/10, chelski really like the away kits 9/10, home 6.5/10. Bolton + everton -3/10, arsenal away 8.5/10, fulham 8/10, burnley, wolves 6.5/10, as for the rest…average 5-6/10

  16. hate to say it but stokes shirt looks fine. the chelsea awy looks horrible.
    man u kits are not bad but tottenhams are just s#%t.

  17. i must say that is an amazing spurs shirt didnt think anything could beat last years or the years but there it is, walcott looks like a chump in that filthy arsehole shirt! fulhams kit is also nice!

  18. i like birminghams away kit, looks slick

    also like spurs third yellow one, trust me spurs fans, it will grow on you!


  20. manu sponsor is aon not saudi telecom or aig. burnley kit is the worst ive ever seen why did you put it in good?? . bolton is the best one. spurs is rubbish whats with the yellow.Man u rocks!! chelsea shit so is arsenals kitman city crap

  21. what type of drugs do you think the people who made the chelsea, bolton, man u and everton kits,
    i like the new arsenal away kit

  22. I’d bet my mortgage I’d p#@s myself laughing if I seen most of these jokers’ wardrobes who’ve made comments, judging by their opinions on who’s kit good or bad. Just accept that Man City have the best kits in the league, you all know I’m right! You’re all just jealous that you won’t have the chance of wearing such a high quality tailored shirt. None of these rubbish ironed-on sponsors nor poorly stitched team badges on shirts down at Eastlands. CTID

  23. The wolves one aint that orange, just looks like it on the internet. Got it at home and its gold like it should b

  24. I cannot believe the state of the wolves kits. I am a loyal supporter but i hope we’re saving money for player because the kits are total SHAT! What possessed anyone to allow our sponsor to put that atrocity on the front of our kit? It looks rediculous. THAT is a sunday league kit!!!!!!! By the way – gutted baggies:-)

  25. The blackburn kit makes me feel ILL. I kina like the Stoke away kit its kinda smart in my opion

    West Ham United FC

  26. Well exuse me princess! If you were ever going to get a list as bad as this you would have gone on Gazapeidia (I spelt that right)? Fulham and Burnley kits are class you assholes

  27. Completely disagree Arsenal’s new away shirt is really nice. Have you seen newcastles new shirt *promptly vomits*

  28. spurs need to immediately drop puma and demand answers as to why they should provide new kits as they are among the absouletly most boring ,bland and horrifically vile tops in spurs history! they need to get the kit masters umbro back on board ASAP to do emergency surgery and restore some faith in the kit buying fans! boo to puma! the worst it has got…the depths of absoulute no ideas and utter desperation!

    1. Newcastle’s away shirt you speak of isn’t on the list because this is a list of Premier League kits…. Newcastle United are now a Championship side remember!

  29. I think that both blackburns kits are fantastic. burnleys new badge looks like kids made it out of lego and who the fuck are cooke what a shit sponser. come on you blue. pavlichenko for rovers number nine

  30. That horrid leisure wear Chelsea 3rd, sorry – away shirt is good but the Burnley away is bad? The Fulham in bad but the umteenth Liverpool away shirt is good? Stay off the acid Gaffer we need you to keep sober.

  31. Just to let u knw the BURNLEY kits r to celebrate 50 yrs ago we were CHAMPS of division 1 !!!!!

    Both BURNLEY kits r brill and that blue and white halves 1 is only fit 4 wiping ur ARSEnal on!!!!

  32. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The possiblities of some kits seen on here could not used in 09/10. Take a look. There are two Man City away kits. So anybody could have been adding stuff. Can’t talk anymore. Bacon Sarnies to eat and Family Guy to watch.

  33. i think the man u one is utter turd!. everton should just quit the whole season if they wear that shirt. the best one on their by far is the liverpool one, liverpool to win the prem!!!!!!!!!!

    1. United is turd, everton go and die, city WTF!!!, stoke clean ya boots, Arsenal’s shirt is class even better wid arshavin 23 on the back!!!! yeah!

  34. the blackburn kits are lush, im a rover but my only critsism is whens allardyce goin to sign somone gd?, and well known? utd kit is shit, chelsea kit quite nice its different:)

  35. UGLY-1 BAD-2 NOT BAD-3 NICE-4 MINT-5


  36. Disagree with your opinion on the Man City shirt being good, quality is 3rd rate – feels like ladies pyjamas – Shirts nowadays just aren’t the quality of 70/80/90’s shirts

  37. I am a huge Chelsea supporter, and I absolutely HATE all three of their jerseys. I guess the home kit is the most tolerable of the three, but PLEASE bring back last year’s kits!!! I will not be purchasing any gear from them this season. Yuck.

    That said, I have to give credit to Liverpool away (though it pains me to say it); Burnley home; and Aston Villa for still supporting acorns.

    WTF were the Wolves thinking???

  38. i think the website is completely wrong i am only 14 you’ll think i wont know nothing but man u, villa,fulham and chelsea’s kits ive seen up close and they are something elsea there just class there nothing close to ugly!!!

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