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Fox Soccer Channel Has Treat For Premier League Fans

fox soccer channel1 Fox Soccer Channel Has Treat For Premier League FansSupporters of Premier League clubs in the United States have plenty to look forward to in the next several days and weeks starting with two special new shows from Fox Soccer Channel. Here’s more information:

  • Fox Soccer Channel will broadcast two special programs on Tuesday, June 2, 2009. The first, at 8pm ET, is a show called Premier League Champions Show which is a best-of show highlighting Manchester United’s incredible 2008-2009 Premier League season. The show will be followed at 9pm ET with a highlights show of the best goals scored during the 2008-09 Premiership season.
  • Beginning this August, ESPN will be broadcasting its Press Pass show five days a week (on each weekday). No word yet whether this will only be available to ESPN international viewers, or whether soccer fans in the United States will be able to catch the show on ESPN 2, ESPN Classic or ESPN Soccernet.
  • The organizers of this summer’s World Football Challenge, where some of the biggest clubs in the world are touring the United States to play friendlies, have created a contest to give away four prizes. Whether you’re a fan of Chelsea, Inter Milan, AC Milan or Club America, you could be one of four winners, one for each team, who will be announced July 16 and be awarded two tickets to their club’s July 26 World Football Challenge match, two club jerseys, round trip airfare for you and a guest, and two nights of accommodations. To learn how you can enter, visit the World Football Challenge contest page right now.

Thanks to reader Christopher Kull for many of the above tips. If you have your own news tips you want to share, send them to me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com

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9 Responses to Fox Soccer Channel Has Treat For Premier League Fans

  1. Jane says:

    I don’t care what FSC offers, I will not be watching that channel or anything they support as long as hate-monger Steven Cohen is employed by them. The things he has said are egregious, and he must be removed from public airwaves.

  2. Phillip says:

    LOL @ Jane

  3. usf_fan1 says:

    Jane your an idiot…have some context in regards to Cohen and FSC.

  4. AtlantaPompey says:

    1. I won’t watch the first, as I don’t support ManUre. I’ll watch the second, but if Crouchie’s bicycle kick goal doesn’t make it, I’ll be pissed.
    2. I hope it does make it nightly on ESPN Classic like it was this season two nights a week. It’s not a bad show, but Tommy Smyth’s cartoon caricature of himself is starting to drive me nuts. The rest of them do fairly well and do know what they’re talking about. Hopefully this is a sign of ESPN’s continued devotion to developing football in the US. I am still hoping they buy Setanta soon and take over those packages.
    3. As I’m not a fan of those teams, I won’t be entering the video contest, but I am going to the AC Milan-Club America match in Atlanta. I’m hoping that at least one or two of Milan’s stars play.

    4. The more you complain about Steven Cohen, the more publicity you give him. Just leave him alone. His opinion is not even remotely worth the amount of public hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth that it is being given.

  5. Rick Rottman says:

    @Jane- Steven Cohen is not on the public airwaves. He has a show on Sirius XM Radio and another on Fox Soccer Channel. Nether uses the public airwaves.

    Also, you have linked to a nonexistent website. The “official” Boycott Steven Cohen website is at:

    Evidently those that are boycotting Steven Cohen are too cheap to spring for hosting their website on anything but a free hosting provider.

  6. SSReporters says:

    Crouch’s goal is in there, AtlantaPompey.

    I won’t spoil the rest for you (it first aired on Saturday).

  7. eplnfl says:

    AP, wise words on Cohen. Just not bringing him up is the best policy to make your point.

  8. JJ says:

    Jane. I don’t disagree with the boycott thing if you want to do it but everyone has to face a truth here. No matter how sorry we feel for all of those who died he did have a slight point about Hillsborough which is constantly overlooked. I worked at several grounds/stadiums when I was younger including Wembley stadium on the turnstiles. Liverpool supporters were famous in the 80′s for pushing towards a gate to try and get in because they didn’t have tickets. I saw an almost similar issue at Wembley on at least 2 occasions where Liverpool fans pushed and pushed to get the police to just open the gates. Once the gates open you are in and there is nothing anyone can do. Most clubs would get an allocation of 35-40,000 tickets and 60,000 Liverpool fans would show up. It was a popular tactic back then as Wembley was not an all seater in those days. They would always tell you there were 100,000 as that was the capacity but most finals I went to there was at least 110-115,000. Just like with Man Utd fans who used to ambush their fellow fans for tickets just as they were pulling them out to enter the ground. Ask anyone who actually went to matches back then and most would tell you the same thing.
    The disaster was horrible and always will be but to have such disgust at someone who just said what might (and probably did) have played a part in the tragedy is not on as you will find several people that agree with him who are not in the public eye. Believe me, there are still a few people who feel the guilt of that day but probably feel better now the blame has pushed elsewhere and everyone seems to believ the story. I don’t suggest you believe everything you read in official reports on it because there will always be a certain amount of cover up to protect the guilty officials such as south yorkshire police etc. Unless you are that gullible that you will believe 100% what they tell you. The major factor though for the disaster was basically putting Liverpool who have a massively larger fan base than Forest at the away end and not in the larger Kop end which was given to Forest fans for some unknown reason. That is where the majority of the issue was on that day.

  9. Dustin says:

    this is great news about Press Pass I remember when I first got ESPN, All there soccer programming was branded GOL ESPN including Press Pass which then was only on once a week and it aired live on a Friday night it was only shown into Australia/New Zealand and Africa now it has a global audience it is now even shown in the very country its produced in.

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