US vs Guatemala Post Match Thoughts


Great second half goals for Kenny Cooper and Freddy Adu pace the United States. Both players showed their quality tonight and surely left an impression on Bob Bradley.

But the real excitement was elsewhere in CONCACAF. Mexico’s lack of composure, and unsporting play took a turn for the worse tonight as Carlos Vela deliberetely tried to injure Amado Guevara and was rightfully sent off and probably faces a multiple game ban. In addition Gerardo Torrado was also sent off: All of this happened after Honduras scored the winning goal early in the second half.  These sorts of unsporting fouls and showmanship have become typical of Mexico when they fall behind in games or feel that the officials are not calling the game the way they would like. This continues to be a troubling trend and needs to be addressed by CONCACAF. The officials in the region need to send a stronger signal to Mexican players that the constant diving, chippy fouls and attempts to injure the opposition cannot be tolerated. Sven Goran Eriksson as a manager understands the culture of football and after managing a side like England whose sporting play is as honorable as any on the planet, it is shocking to see footballers he is managing behave in such an unbecoming fashion every time they walk on the pitch.

Jamaica crushed Canada 3-0 (including a goal by Omar Cummings of the Rapids) but Liverpool and England hero John Barnes sees his men go out on goal difference despite a valiant fight. Jamaica won all three matches in qualifying after Rene Simoes was fired and replaced by Barnes. Mexico advances on goal difference, but Sven Goran Eriksson’s side is going to have to improve substantially to punch a ticket to South Africa. Excuse me while I shed a tear for Jamaica, who fully deserved to advance over Mexico not only because they were the better team but because they were better sportsmen.

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  1. Too bad Jamaica didn't make it. They had a good run over the last three matches and showed real heart and determination. I'll be cheering for Trinidad, United States and Costa Rica to qualify from the next round.

  2. You cry baby!!!! Kartik Krishnaiyer !!! Mexico did miserable ya and as for Jamaica your right they did good but speaking that they should advance for good sportmanship..COME ON YOU Silly boy! You see stuff like that everywhere not just in certain countries…Now stop crying and keep writing stuff and stick to what you know! By the way Congrats Honduras and Mexico it was a exciting game if you excuse the sloppyy pitch…They both deserve to be in the next round….

  3. I'm happy to see the U.S. future players doing very well. They were composed, passed well and played entertaining soccer. I wish Jamaica would have advanced to leave Mexico out of it. For too long Mexico has been arrogant about the region, knowing very well that the US team has now been better for a while and can't accept it. They have this false superiority, thinking they are in par with Argentina and Brazil. Honduras and Costa Rica have great players in Europe, the only problem is structurally but other than that Mexico is not superior anymore. The US plays fast paced soccer that other teams can't handle, these guys are only getting started. Mexicans are crybabies who are getting left behind with dirt in their face. All we need is to beat them in Mexico so they can't talk any more crap.

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  5. I really thought Jozy did well also last night.

    Man this is a good post with what exactly needs to be said about EL TRI.

    But just wait until the mexican fans find it. They always feel they are entitled to be like Brazil or Italia and simply will detest being compared unfavorably to Honduras or Jamaica.

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