What Soccer Websites Could You Not Live Without?

bestofbest_4.jpgWe all have our vices, and that includes those soccer websites or blogs that we visit frequently — sometimes several times a day.

What, for you, are the soccer websites and/or blogs that you can’t live without? The type of sites where you wouldn’t know what to do if they no longer existed.

Share your list below and I’ll share mine when you’re done. Thanks in advance for your time.

20 thoughts on “What Soccer Websites Could You Not Live Without?”

  1. I used to love going to Who Ate All The Pies and was sad to see it go..

    But I think ESPNSoccernet is a go to for me to get scores and news..
    On my iPhone, Sportstap keeps me updated with scores as well..

    also gotta give some love out to epltalk.com

  2. http://www.101greatgoals.com is quality, especially the blog section which has a rundown of all the best english newspaper articles
    BBC Sport Football is a lot easier on the eyes than SkySports.com but Sky is class on a saturday when they have video of Soccer Saturday….even though I can watch all the games either on Setanta/FSC or P2P it's still nice to be able to feel the passion on Soccer Saturday isn't it

  3. ESPNSoccernet. I haven't found many blogs that I check daily. I'm here daily, but mainly for the community, which I wish was much more active. I'd rather have websites that are interactive. I do listen to several podcasts, which is where I get most of my rumors, innuendoes, etc.

  4. The one site I do check daily besides this great site is http://www.mightyfootball.com. That site allows me to see all of the key points (goals and cards) in any match. Sometimes the language is a barrier but I just put it on mute. They have a nice Football News link. It has a lot of the current articles. One other feature I use is Zebtab. This is a desktop gadget that shows me all up-to-date articles on Setanta Sports, BBC, Foxsoccer and other key news media. If you are a Manchester United fan like me you can add the Manchester United channel for all articles regarding MU.

  5. 101 great goals and Football365 here. I also like The Run of Play and Pitch Invasion, but they're more of a weekly stop.

  6. I like sites that go beyond the standard “news and opinion” format and offer a different and distinct approach to the game—sites that offer a way of looking at football that you can't get from the regular media.

    Two fantastic and criminally underread blogs are Eleven Devils and Treasons, Stratagems and Spoils. Both have smart, stylish commentary and a unique perspective on the game.

    I'd also recommend Sport Is a TV Show and A More Splendid Life—newer blogs that I'm always happy to see update in my RSS reader.

    Among more established sites, Pitch Invasion, Spangly Princess, and Dave's Football Blog all have my vote.

  7. Great responses everyone. As for me, I'm subscribed to 214 different RSS feeds so I can comb the Internet for interesting stories to share while staying on top of the news.

    But outside of my RSS reader, here a few sites that I visit on a regular basis: BBC Sport, The Daily Telegraph, 101 Great Goals, http://www.scfc.co.uk and Clever Football.

    The Gaffer

  8. Does anyone know of a soccer Saturday SSN type website with goal flash and updates biddy printer stylie? The Skysports and betfair websites have exactly what I need but both use flash :-( i have tried most of the current apps that i know of. Can any one help a frustrated Toffee?

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