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La Liga Team Of The Week

Welcome to the 1st edition of “La Liga Team Of The Week”  Isn’t this the best part of the sports year.  Mainly because its the start of football season, both American and International aka Real football.   Its gonna be one great season and hopefully as a Barca fan, the Blaugrana will win a treble although it doesn’t look like it.  Don’t worry Barca is not the team of the week.  In fact they will never win Team Of The Week if they continue to play the way the have been playing.  The winner of this season’s 1st Team Of The Week (which combines Week 1 and this past week)  is:

Club Deportivo Numancia de Soria

CD Numancia La Liga Team Of The Week

You might be thinking, how can a team that lost, win the TOW but the way they lost and who they have played make them a worthy recipient. The recently promoted side in the first two weeks of the season have had to take on the two biggest clubs in Spain and they have not been afraid at all.  In week 1, they beat Barcelona 1-0 and this past week lost a tough 4-3 match to Real Madrid.  If you want to get technical they have put more goals in the net than their opponents, 5 to 3, unfortunately the game winner in the Real Madrid game was an own goal but nevertheless you have to give credit to a newly promoted side for not being intimidated by the big clubs.  Even though they beat my team, Numancia has proven that they are worthy of being in La Liga and let’s hope they continue their inspired play.  Club Deportivo Numancia De Soria is the La Liga Team Of The Week.

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One Response to La Liga Team Of The Week

  1. simonharris says:

    Good Choice! It's great when the underdog does well, even though they lose. Los Pajaritos Stadium holds less than thousand. Not enough money for foreign players. Some of the have played in Tercera. Pure Magic!

    PS Sporting deserve some moral support as well!

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