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Too Bad They Can't Play a Four Four Three

berbatovreutersstoyannenov1 Too Bad They Can't Play a Four Four Three

Looking forward to seeing how Manchester United employ new signing Dimitar Berbatov this weekend versus Liverpool, or better yet, who gets the hook up front: Wayne Rooney or Carlos Tevez. While Rooney may need a breather after playing for England the past couple of weeks, I don’t see how Sir Alex Ferguson can leave out such a playmaker against his most bitter rivals. My fear is they might put Rooney out wide, where he seems to be drifting lately, and that will only work to condone the practice (the opposite of what Capello wants him to do for country).

And how do you leave out Tevez and his unbridled energy? Though he hasn’t scored yet for the club this season (only Fletcher has, incredibly) United will need his playmaking skills and indefatigable efforts to create for Rooney or Berbatov (or himself, of course). So, does United go 4-3-3? Start one then substitute for the other?

I believe the signing of Berbatov will show shrewd for Sir Alex and United. In my opinion (and many others) United have not had such a striker since Ruud van Nistelroy left (was shown the door).  To have a knack to be in the “right place at the right time” cannot be taught but is such a great asset. It remains to be seen how he will adapt to life at such a large club, but just like the discussion of how Fernando Torres would adjust to life in the EPL last year, goals quickly sway hearts and minds. The sooner Berbatov opens his United account, the quicker he becomes another favorite to the supporters (as well as another notch to Sir Alex’s already storied success at bringing in top-notch talent).

Can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Too Bad They Can't Play a Four Four Three

  1. NYSpursFan says:

    I disagree. Play Rooney as an attacking midfielder in the middle, with Tevez and Berbatov up front.

  2. Karthik says:

    though it might be a good move to try that, it may be reserved for the second half for a final attack. It cannot be used as a starting option cause Liverpool's midfield 4 will overrun Man Utd's middle 3.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Berbatov is a creative player, not a goal poaching target man. While I think he will be good, I think that Man U might suffer from the same compatibility problems as Madrid Galacticos did, especially after Ronaldo returns.

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