Fox Soccer Channel Pays $7.5 Million For Nielsen Ratings

fox-soccer-channel.jpgFox Soccer Channel is paying approximately $7.5 million a year to be rated by Nielsen, a ratings system used to gauge television viewing habits in the United States.

Beginning October 1st, Fox Soccer Channel will be rated by Nielsen for the first time.

“This is a big step for our network,” said David Sternberg, executive vice president and general manager of Fox Soccer Channel. “It will really put us on the map with the advertising community in a way we haven’t been.”

According to Sports Business Journal, Fox Soccer Channel executives hope the ratings numbers will strengthen FSC’s advertising sales efforts, raise its awareness among viewers and increase its value to cable operators.

“It isn’t cheap, but we feel confident we can cover the research costs with higher advertising rates and be included in national advertising buys we’ve been left out of,” Sternberg said.


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