Champions League Group Stage Draw Results

I’ll have more analysis and comments later but for now just a quick update on the results of today’s drawing. Some of the groupings, as in past seasons, was almost a bit too predictable but there are some interesting matchups ahead (Real Madrid – Juventus springs to mind as does Manchester United – Celtic and Arsenal – Fenerbahce).

I think that Barcelona and Manchester United look to have received the best groupings of the top seeds while Arsenal and Bayern Munich are going to be in a very tough groups. Liverpool are also in a tough group but should be able to advance as should Atletico Madrid.

The groupings are as follows:

cl group stage Champions League Group Stage Draw Results

One Response to Champions League Group Stage Draw Results

  1. simonharris says:

    Group H looks like a very tough group to me, which being a Barça fan quite pleases me. RM and Juve for starters plus Zenit who are on roll after beating ManU in the Super Cup.

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