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Who's Your Fantasy Team Of Football Commentators?

martin tyler Who's Your Fantasy Team Of Football Commentators?If you could pick your favorite football commentators from around the world, who would they be and why? Consider both radio and television.

My fantasy lineup is as follows:

Lead commentator: Martin Tyler (Sky Sports)
Co-commentator: Mike Ingham (BBC Five Live)
Pitchside commentator: Stuart Hall (BBC)
Studio analyst: Andy Gray (Sky Sports)
TV Pundit: Eamonn Dunphy
TV Presenter: Gary Lineker (BBC)

It’s time for the football commentators to have their moment in the light. After all, the footballers have been in fantasy sides for too long.

If you could pick your favorite football commentators from around the world, who would they be and why? For the older readers, feel free to post your team from the past too (Brian Moore, Bryon Butler, Barry Davies, Peter Jones, etc, as suggestions).

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13 Responses to Who's Your Fantasy Team Of Football Commentators?

  1. Simon Burke says:

    Not bad gaffer but take out Stuart Hall, before his taboo on Fighting Talk he was always my least favourite sports reported for his inane nonsense. And Eamonn Dunphy is pandering to the lowest common denominator; an awful hateful drunk of a man who just has no idea.
    Hansen and Bobby McMahon for me.
    I’ll replace Hall with Simon Brotherton.
    Also find a role for Jeff Stelling.

  2. Sam Dalton says:

    Usually the co-commentator is a former player, and someone who analyses what is happening on the pitch rather than just telling the viewers what is going on.

    Here is my dream-team:

    Lead commentator: Martin Tyler (Sky Sports)

    Co-commentator: Andy Gray (Sky Sports)

    Pitchside commentator: Stuart Hall (BBC)

    Studio analyst: Andy Gray (Sky Sports)
    ( this is really the same as a TV pundit isn’t it?)

    TV Presenter: Richard Keys (Sky Sports)

  3. Sanjay says:

    Gaffer, love all your choices, except I would have Robbie Earle instead of Mike Ingham.

  4. Mookie says:

    Commentator: Ian Darke (Sky Sports, TWI)

    Co-Commentator: Gary O’Reilly (TWI)

    Pitchside Commentator: N/A, no need for one.:)

    Studio Analyst: Andy Gray (Sky Sports)

    TV Pundit: Chris Kamara (Sky Sports)

    Studio Presenter: Jeff Stelling (Sky Sports)

    What about a nightmare commentary team?

    Commentator: Garry Weaver (Sky Sports)

    Co-Commentator: David Pleat (ITV, TWI)

    Pitchside Commentator: N/A

    Studio Analyst: The fools from ESPN.

    TV Pundit: Eric Wynalda

    TV Presenter: Christian Miles (FSC)

  5. m2fc says:

    Anyone BUT ESPN commentators… PLEASE

  6. Simon Burke says:

    Mookie I love your worst choices – that is a true nightmare team.

  7. Aaron S says:

    You have to include Jonathan Pierce there somewhere… and not today’s calm Jonathan, I mean the old-fashioned Capital Gold Jonathan screaming his lungs each time Arsenal scored.

  8. DELF Hater says:

    It would have to have andy gray in it for me!

  9. mitchell says:

    commentator jon cahmpion

    co commentator efan ekoku

  10. Nicholas says:

    Lead commentator: Clive Tyldesley
    Co-commentator: Sean Wheelock
    Pitchside commentator: stuart hall
    Studio analyst: Harry Redknapp
    TV Pundit: Pat Dolan
    TV Presenter: Michael Robinson

  11. Brent Atema says:

    Lead: Martin Tyler (2nd = Derek Rae)
    Co: Ray Hudson (GOL TV) — best ever!!! (2nd = Robbie Earle)
    Studio: Andy Gray

  12. jilly says:

    Presenter: Paul Dempsey.

    Setanta coverage excellent and getting better.

    Analyst: Pat Dolan

  13. alan nightingale says:

    I am watching Brazil and Portugal playing beautiful football, and having to listen to the worst commentator I have ever heard
    Mick McCarthy is the most boring bluff Yorkshire man I have ever heard
    Please, please don’t use him any more, I cant stand it.
    Please have someone with exciting oratory skills.
    Who’se idea was it to hire this guy

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