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Manchester City Misses The Mark in Munich Tribute

 man united munich kit Manchester City Misses The Mark in Munich Tribute

Seeing Manchester United play in its 1950′s style uniform yesterday in the Manchester derby was a beautiful site to see. It reminded me of an age of innocence where simplicity of design and focus on beauty reigned supreme instead of the shirts of present that are moving billboards.

In contrast, while Manchester United impressed, Manchester City’s choice of retro design was appalling.

darius vassell Manchester City Misses The Mark in Munich Tribute

While the sky blue shirt was devoid of advertising, the trim lines were very modern as were the fabrics used as well as the design of the shorts and socks. Manchester City had an opportunity here to embrace the 1950′s. Instead, the kit looked too similar to the current Le Coq Sportif one that the team sports.

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45 Responses to Manchester City Misses The Mark in Munich Tribute

  1. Bitter Fashion Designer says:

    The funny thing is that you’re actually fucking serious!! LMAO!

  2. Happy Blue says:

    Ha. 2-1 to the City boys. Although i suppose it has been 10 years since the rags blamed the shirts. mmm grey nice. 2-1!

  3. sq blue says:

    that is the most desperate swipe at man city i’ve ever seen. out played, out sung, out thought……. but manyoo’s kit was better!!!

    maybe you should keep your commenting for london fashion week?

  4. City Slicker says:

    Now I have heard it all. First there was the invisible shirt and now City didn’t play fair and wear a fifties kit. There I was thinking Quiroz was cluching at straws saying his poor lambs were tired. This has got to be the funniest article I have ever read. Good work.

  5. Benjani's Pyjamis says:

    2-1 who cares…not me!!!!

  6. Blue to bits says:

    Incredible comments, how sad.

  7. camberwell blue says:

    Unbelievable….City we’re getting attacked before the game for potentially spoiling the tributes by breaking the one minute silence…it didn’t happen, as usual the City faithful proved they’re worth more than that…now the game is done and city won by simply playing United off the park and it’s still not good enough, now it seem’s our kit was poor…!!! what the f*** has City’s kit got to do with anything….!!???!!!

  8. blue in heaven says:

    Every rag i know has said we played them off the park, we out sang them, we acted with utter respect and are kit was excellent. obviously this gutter press was written by a complete idiot

  9. niallse says:

    This has to be the funniest “article” I have ever read……..

  10. Frank Swift's Ghost says:

    For the record – City didn’t have to do anything – this was not their memorial day. The fact that they went to the lengths they did to embrace the occasion deserves respect not pathetic derisory remarks. As for moving billboards – what about United switching off the names of the dead and turning the advertising back on once the game started – that’s more worthy of comment than City’s shirts not being “retro” enough. To be fair though, you’re probably a yank so talking through your arse is part of your genetic makeup. By the way, it’s “kit” not fucking “uniform”. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the United supporters on marking the occasion with a full 90 minutes of near silence and hope their tears didn’t stain the upholstery of their Range Rovers as they made the long journey back to Surrey. CTID.

  11. Sharkymajor says:

    Wel dune blues.worst excuse ever.blame it on the pride of manchester

  12. dragonki2012 says:

    Much respect Gaff, but.
    I must agree with some of these guys.
    The only positive thing that United can take from this game is that THEIR KIT WAS BETTER!? lol c’mon now that IS a desperate swipe at City.

    The biggest problem with City is that THEY CAN’T SCORE! And that is why they won’t be in the CL next season. MAYBE Europe.. uefa.. maybe.

  13. Marvin Evers says:

    Man united fans selling free Munich Match scarves on Ebay from the match now that is what I can cheap plastic fans.

  14. Blue to bits says:

    Oh its even better than this go and have a read of this one..
    Even better.
    You couldnt make it up
    Bitters my arse.

  15. Jason says:

    I thought I was a comedian! Was this written by Alan Partridge or what!

  16. Richard Ellor says:

    Is this a wind up? Honestly, come on now. Is this Beadle playing one last gag? Is this a real article? Our fans were impeccable, our kit tasteful, our manager respectful and gracious, unlike Taggart who wouldn’t even talk to the press. This is the same ‘It’s my ball, no-one else is playing’ attitude that alienates manchester united from the rest of the footballing world. I am always proud to be a blue but never more so than today. Write a proper article, you inbeccile.

  17. Mr Garnett says:

    come on blue boys the rags had to make something up to lesson the win!! oh well 6 points again this time round for the reds! ha

  18. AIG Man says:

    Yes, The Manchester City shirts were a disgrace. They didn’t have AIG on them like the kids that accompanied the players out on the field. I am glad that the fireworks that went off spelled out AIG in morse code though. We need to let people know who we are. Those ambulances don’t chase themselves!

  19. patrick says:

    Can’t decide if thats funny or just sad

  20. Alph ap Llewellyn says:

    Disgraceful Citeh should be drummed from the Premier league. Shockingly poor retro kit now isn’t it, shameful really. My Blenddwyn’s mortified! Disrespectful I say. Now my Luke Chadwick bedspread’s real tasteful…….

  21. Blue Army says:

    Wanker. 2-1. Suck my nut.

  22. Kartik says:

    Gaffer just got out of the hospital and this is how you guys react. Sheesh.

    That having been said, the City kit was tasteful- no sponsor, but a retro look other than the numbers. Very NFL like- mixing retro with today’s hideous uniforms on “throwback weekends”.

    I won’t support throwback weekends until Glazer and the Bucs wear Buccaneer Orange, those clockwork orange unis I grew up with!

  23. Buckie says:

    Is this guy for real? The occasion was marked impeccably in every respect and all he can come up with is Citys top didn’t fit in with his perception of the whole tribute?! Get a life pal.

  24. The Gaffer says:

    Come on lads. The entire tribute was a rousing success and was extremely well organized and honored by both Manchester City and United.

    All I’m trying to do is explain how disappointed I was with Man City’s choice of their retro strip.

    The Gaffer

  25. Jack says:

    How sad your little mind is

  26. Bluemooner says:

    The Taggart rent boy composer of this litery gem should have looked closer at the photo’s chosen to illustrate his point.
    I see one player revelling in the glory of his performance with arms uplifted towards the worshiping masses.
    The other is of a spoiled brat pleading for someone to return his dummy.

  27. Lowndeszy says:

    I’m a united fan, but **** me, what a shocking article this is. How pedantic can you get?

  28. Simon says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you. This is by far the best I’ve seen yet and has made me laugh so much – I am now adding your link to all the rags that are trying their best to make excuses to me or attack the result in some derisory way. Excellent – City’s kit was disappointing!……The result wasn’t though eh?

  29. CTID says:

    Listen to be fair – you’re obviously from across the pond and so don’t quite get it.
    The kit (not uniform) was not meant to be retro, it was just as a mark of respect that all logo’s and sponsors were removed. It is a pity that United did follow their own request to ‘not profit’ from the tribute ……sponsors on the memorial, boards around the pitch returned to advertising once the game kicked off – oh not to mention the fans selling the free scarfs on Ebay today!

  30. Born in the 40s says:

    Hey Gaffer, Man Utd didn’t wear authentic retroMan Utd shirts. The real retro rag kits were literally rags. Some were orange, some pink, but the team RARELY had 11 matching shirts . I say e-mail the Glazers now. We want Utd to be the rags once more!

  31. The goat broke lose says:

    Typical rubbish from the filth…..whoever wrote the article is probably still sitting there waiting for the third quarter. Tosser

    CITY TILL I DIE!!!!!

  32. SR, Manchester says:

    We’d done enough as it was, i’d have been happy to wear normal kit. Too much was made of this game as it was. The satisfaction of rubbing Uniteds nose in the dirt on this day was immense.

  33. Kartik says:

    How did the United fans handle their defeat on the coaches and trains back home to London and points South, and on the planes back to the US and China?

    They keep saying the blue side of Manchester in the press over here when as someone who has spent enough time in England to know, their is no RED side of Manchester, expect for the places where “old labour” was strong! (No offense intended because I am a liberal)

  34. James says:

    Bet your boyfriend liked the City kits (much more figure-hugging)! Is that what’s got you so flustered?
    P.s. Blue from Old Tra**ord), less than 1/2 mile from their ground. I like living around here, loads of peace and QUIET!!!
    P.P.S Are you familiar with the word cretin?

  35. rjb61 says:

    Ok to be fair Ronaldo IS a lot prettier than Richard Dunne and at the end of the match a lot of the red shirts were certainly still very clean and not all sweaty and dirty like those Blues. We’ll just have to comfort ourselves with the 6 points

  36. LemmusLemmus says:

    Geeez Christ, someone mentions that he didn’t like City’s kits (I disagree) and the majority of commenters is all over him – “hahe, but we have the points!” – sometimes insulting him.

    As far as I am aware, The Gaffer isn’t even a ManUtd supporter.

    But if you want to perpetuate the stereotype that football fans are imbeciles, just go ahead.

  37. Django says:

    It’s like one Man City stooge picked up the light blue emergency phone and alerted all the other tools that someone was insulting City…Lost among the ignorance and hurling of impotent insults was the fact that City played well and deserved the 3 points…Clearly dealing with a higher level of intelligence here Gaffer

  38. eplnfl says:

    I was truly moved by the pre-game ceremony. Well done by everyone involved. I saw nothing wrong with City’s jersey selection. The event showed the great face of English football.

  39. blumphy says:

    I’m a red of 39 years and that piece of journalistic drivel is the worst, no sorry the most embarrassing i’ve EVER read!

  40. Historian says:

    For your information Gaffer, Manchester United’s retro “uniform” was wrong anyway. The Man Utd team of the 1950s wore red socks, not black. The black socks came in the late 1960s. Anyway, both sets of fans were fantastic, and both teams kits were fine. Are you going to complain that the referee didn’t wear a retro shirt too?

  41. Literary genius says:

    I’m just disappointed they didn’t bring their whippets and flatcaps.

  42. Dan says:

    I completely agree: and whats more, their players flagrantly refused to lie down, and ended up taking the p**s out of United. Don’t these people know anything?

  43. Geoff says:

    I’m a United fan, but I’ve got to disagree vehemently with this. City was phenomenal. The fans, the production, their kit, everything. The whole pregame ceremony was fantastic and the minute’s silence brought shivers. United played terribly, but I have to hand City their due, they played a good game and deserved the 3 points. Saying their kit wasn’t retro enough, thereby labeling them as disrespectful, is ridiculous.

  44. Chris O says:

    Am I missing something here? I don’t understand why you were criticising The Gaffer. His comments were complementary about the kit Man Utd were wearing and he was intrigued by the kit being worn by Man City, as indeed was I.

    The connection between the result / team’s performances and the kits being worn seems to be entirely in the strange imaginations of many of you that have left comments. I agree that Man City either didn’t need a new kit for the match or if they did it should have been made to look more like the won they wore in the late 50′s. I mean no disrespect when I say that and it’s not an attack on Man City – I just thought the choice of Man City kit was an odd one.

    The Gaffer wasn’t writing an in-depth thesis on whether the kit affected Man U on the day, nor was it a desperate attempt to find something negative to say about Man City. It was an article written about two sets of kits worn on the day – nothing else.

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