The Cost to Advertise During a Premier League Match

Bolton Wanderers LED signboardQuestion: If you’re an advertiser, how much do you think West Ham and Middlesbrough are worth? More specifically, how much would you be willing to pay to put your brand name and advertisement on one of those fancy LED signboards that straddle the pitch touchline?

EPL Talk did some research and we have the answers for you.

West Ham United’s Upton Park/Boleyn Ground: The cost to advertise on the full LED system for scheduled live Sky fixtures only (beamed around the UK and the world) is £1,200 per minute. Gulp! That’s $2,371 per minute or $39.51 per second.

Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium: Up in the northeast, the cost to advertise on the main touchline LED system is a whopping £3,000 per minute. That converts to $5,928 per minute or $98.80 per second.

In comparison, let’s consider the cost to advertise on the LED signboards for five minutes during last year’s infamous England against Croatia match. The match where the face of Borat coincidentally appeared on the advertising at the moment when Paul Robinson miskicked the back pass into his own goal. That one was $59,262 for five minutes. Boro’s rate for five minutes is $29,640. West Ham’s rate is $11,855.

Why Boro can charge almost half as much as an England international is beyond me. And why it costs more to advertise on the main touchline LED advertising at Middlesbrough versus the entire LED system at West Ham, I have no idea. Perhaps people enjoy seeing rows and rows of red empty seats at the Riverside which add a colorful background to the LED advertising board below? Ahem.

The LED advertising signboards are becoming quite the rage across the Premier League. Other than West Ham and Middlesbrough, you can see them at Man United’s Old Trafford, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Bolton’s Reebok Stadium and Fulham’s Craven Cottage.

At prices like the ones above, you can be sure that you’ll see more and more Premier League grounds next season featuring the LED systems.

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