Daily TV Show Debuts with Premier League News

The debut episode of EPL Talk TV has been released featuring 5 minutes of Premier League-related news:

In this, the first episode, the news stories are:

  • Juande Ramos gives Spurs a run for their money,
  • Where is Jose heading next?
  • Which club will Mark Hughes go to after Blackburn, and
  • A look ahead at tonight’s League Cup match.

The concept behind EPL Talk TV is to deliver you the Premier League news from overnight, as well as recapping any matches from last night and looking ahead to today’s action. It’s meant to be the five minute update you need in the morning before you head to work, or if you want to watch it on your video iPod.

If you subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast, you’ll automatically receive the TV show. Or you can also watch the episodes via http://epltalk.com/tv

Please post your feedback regarding EPL Talk TV on the comments here or email them to thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com. If you like what you see, please let us know. Or if you hate it, let us know that too. All opinions are welcome.

If we decide to continue the show, it’ll appear every weekday morning beginning next week.

One thought on “Daily TV Show Debuts with Premier League News”

  1. No comments posted by you, the readers, but I did receive several emails. The consensus is that everyone likes the first pilot, but had recommendations of how to improve it (I agree).

    Starting Monday morning, EPL Talk TV will be released on a regular daily schedule with five minutes of news.

    The EPL Talk Podcast, meanwhile, will be published on Fridays instead of Mondays moving forward.

    The Gaffer

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