Is Man United Touring the United States in July?

Either the English newspapers know something we don’t know or they’re guilty of sloppy journalism, but the following newspaper articles in The Independent and The Guardian both state that Manchester United will be touring the United States in mid-July.

We do know that Manchester United are scheduled to play friendlies in the Far East between July 17 and the end of July. If they are coming to the States, it’s presumably to do some promotions with Nike. However, there’s no news on the official Man United site, nor the Man United Supporters Club of America website.

Sounds to me like the two English newspapers in question got their facts wrong.

2 thoughts on “Is Man United Touring the United States in July?”

  1. It wouldn’t be the first time this year that the British media printed something about the sport in this country without checking the facts. 😉

  2. i noticed this two on soccernet, where it said tevez will meet up with united in america after the copa america ends. but believe me…if anything were announced i would have heard about it by now.

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