Race for EPL Talk Fantasy League Titles Heating Up

While this has been a tremendous week for watching European football, EPL Talk readers have also been busy playing fantasy football and prediction leagues. Here are the most updated top 5 positions in the respective charts:

Fantasy Champions League:

1. Foolish FC (Mark Aegerter), 371
2. Gratefullawyer (Wayne Novick), 317
3. Sidekicks (Michael Trubey), 308
4. Bloody Yanks (Jeremy Lay), 306
5. FC Epikoinos (Eric Anderson), 305

Fantasy Premier League:

1. Rockfish United (David Griffith), 1492
2. FC Walker (Steve Thielman), 1488
3. FC Bubd (Jeff Mensch), 1469
4. Mesiniaga FC (Sakaya Mary), 1449
5. Foolish FC (Mark Aegerter), 1438

Predictions League:

1. The Gaffer, 470
2. Bkossow, 345
3. Fsquid, 320
4. Jbcook2007, 315
5. TokyoToffeeman, 285

It’s still not late to join any of the above leagues. To learn more, look for the links on this page near the top left corner under “Interact @ EPL Talk.”

One thought on “Race for EPL Talk Fantasy League Titles Heating Up”

  1. Why is the Gaffer top of the predictions league?

    Simple, he is one of the rare entrants without an affiliation to one particular club so is able to forecast games with his head not with his hurt…


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