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/ 22 days ago

ESPN, FOX and WarnerBros Discovery to create killer sports app

ESPN, FOX, and WarnerBros Discovery are teaming up to create a standalone mega sports app that will feature thousands of sporting events in one single place. Planned for a launch in late 2024, the app from the trio of media giants plans to pool together exclusive live sports, including soccer. Those soccer rights include the […]


/ 50 days ago

Max expands content beyond USMNT and USWNT games

Warner Bros Discovery's streaming service Max is emerging as a major player in the sports streaming market with its wide selection of content. For soccer fans, the highlight of that is games involving the United States Men's and Women's National Teams. US Soccer signed a deal with Turner Sports in 2022. It has been over […]


/ 169 days ago

Warner Bros. Discovery to offer sports for free on Max streaming

Max, the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max, is going to offer live sports coverage for free, or at least at no additional cost. Warner Bros. Discovery plans the limited-time offer later this year. That includes putting basketball, hockey and baseball on the streaming service at no additional cost. Currently, Max has a base […]


/ 319 days ago

WB-Discovery may have different plans in store for soccer

Warner Bros Discovery's announcement this week about their rebrand of HBO Max to Max was missing one major thing — sports. Moreover, is Warner Bros soccer streaming part of Max's future? Currently, Warner Bros-Discovery is the home of US Soccer rights. HBO Max broadcasts many games involving the USMNT and USWNT, as well as the US […]


/ 322 days ago

Streaming service HBO Max to relaunch as Max on May 23

HBO Max, Warner Bros-Discovery's hit streaming service, is merging with Discovery+ and renaming as Max. The new name and rebranding officially launches May 23, 2023. For soccer fans, it means that many of the US Men's National Team and US Women's National Team games are moving to Max. Until recently, select games have streamed on […]


/ 329 days ago

MAX soccer schedule

Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is a quiet home for soccer coverage, and it could easily continue to grow. Anchored by coverage of the United States men's and women's national teams, Max is the exclusive home to select games. Of course, Max is not selective to soccer coverage. The majority of the platform's subscribers […]