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/ 88 days ago

ESPN, FOX and TNT app leaning toward Hulu Sports as name

The joint venture sports streaming app between ESPN, Fox and WarnerBros Discovery, which owns TNT, may go by a familiar name: Hulu Sports. The platform will have live TV coverage of several channels that come from those three entities. Therefore, the ESPN lineup of channels, FS1, FS2, TNT and TBS will be available in one […]


/ 102 days ago

ESPN, FOX and WarnerBros Discovery to create killer sports app

ESPN, FOX, and WarnerBros Discovery are teaming up to create a standalone mega sports app that will feature thousands of sporting events in one single place. Planned for a launch in late 2024, the app from the trio of media giants plans to pool together exclusive live sports, including soccer. Those soccer rights include the […]


/ 108 days ago

Beware soccer fans: ESPN+ to crack down on password sharing

Disney is cracking down on password sharing on their streaming apps. As the massive media conglomerate owns several entities, the move affects those with ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu. New subscribers to any one of these streaming services will now not be allowed to share passwords with other people. Existing users, however, will have until March […]


/ 317 days ago

Top 7 most popular streaming services in America

Recent years have seen a dramatic shift in how Americans enjoy their media. Because of their accessibility, low cost, and extensive libraries, they have become standard fare in today's entertainment landscape. There is a wide variety of well-liked streaming services available in the United States, and each one has its own set of advantages and […]


/ 373 days ago

Disney launching app to include both Hulu and Disney+

Disney Plus and Hulu will require one app later in 2023. The media conglomerate is creating a service that will allow subscribers to have access to both platform's extensive range of content. There will still be the distinct apps for those that want to have separation in their offerings. Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed the […]

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/ 602 days ago

Sling Blue to air over 50 Premier League games through year end

Sling Blue, a fraction of the price of other services, has just shy of 30 Premier League games through November. Despite a World Cup throwing off the traditional calendar of the English top flight, the schedule rolls on at the conclusion of the September international window. In fact, it is something of a crunch to […]


/ 634 days ago

How to get the Disney Bundle for $4 more than ESPN+

Now that ESPN+ is $9.99, many people may be curious how to get the Disney Bundle. For just $4 more per month, the content available in the bundle makes it more logical for subscribers. Not everyone would use each of the services included. However, the bundle used to be $7 more per month. That does […]


/ 994 days ago

Disney Bundle essential for soccer fans and families

The Disney Bundle offers seemingly unrivaled value. And, in a market as deep as soccer streaming, the bundle now seems essential. In present times, streaming services dominate the soccer market. Consequentially, that often means purchasing multiple subscriptions to quench our thirsts for European soccer. One of those programs comes through ESPN+, which offers an array […]