Reports indicate that Chelsea are bracing for a transfer suspension after their violation of the Financial Fair Play regulations.

After Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital succeeded Roman Abramovich in May 2022, they immediately set out on a spending binge.

On the field, however, Chelsea have failed to make any progress in their pursuit of a Champions League return after spending more than $1.26 billion on new players.

There is a lot of pressure on the Blues to meet the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules. They state that the club must make a lot of money by their next accounting deadline of June 30.

Because they are on a restricted budget, Chelsea were unable to make any moves in January regarding player transfers. They will most likely violate the Premier League’s PRS when they turn in their season’s financials.

Like with Everton and Nottingham Forest, Chelsea will very certainly face a points punishment if they don’t. Football Insider broke the news earlier this week that the Stamford Bridge side will be docked more than 10 points.

Pete O’Rourke, a journalist, commented on the story: “It keeps changing, but I think if the breaches are more serious than Everton’s then it’s going to be more than 10 points. I think that’s pretty obvious and I think that’ll be the case – but then we must see if Chelsea appeal.”

Unfortunately, it seems like Mauricio Pochettino’s squad may have more problems on the horizon.

Boelhy to pay for Abramovich’s sins?

As soon as the new management team arrived at Stamford Bridge, they began to reveal problems that they had found during the previous owners’ tenure. Allegedly, Roman Abramovich and former club executives broke the rules several times.

The club may be punished for offences during the Roman Abramovich era
The club may be punished for offences during the Roman Abramovich era

The club may be punished for offences during the Roman Abramovich era

It is quite probable that Chelsea will face a penalty for the alleged secret payments sent to offshore accounts, which violated Premier League regulations. The club is now waiting for its destiny.

Regardless of who is at fault for any breaches, the Blues are still on the hook. What’s more, even Todd Boehly seems to be anticipating that a punishment is on the horizon.

After further reporting, Football Insider now claims that club executives are bracing for the impending imposition of a transfer embargo. O’Rourke believes Boehly has been planning for such a penalty, as he expressed his view on the outlet’s Inside Track podcast.

“Chelsea have held their hands up and said that there were some breaches under the previous ownership of Roman Abramovich. I think Todd Boehly has been anticipating what’s going to come for Chelsea with his spending in recent windows.

“It’s a bit of a circus at Stamford Bridge but I think he’s definitely anticipating a transfer embargo coming”, he said.

Ban might end up godsend?

Every week, rumors surface about potential new Chelsea signings. However, a transfer restriction may help limit the club’s spending spree.

At least 31 Blues players have squad numbers, while another dozen are now on loan but might return to play a more significant part in the future.

In the end, the transfer restriction may work out for the best; without being tempted to buy any more players, Boehly would be able to cut his spending.

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