Despite receiving much less coverage than the Premier League, the Spanish La Liga is nonetheless highly regarded by soccer enthusiasts.

The famous duel known as ‘El Clasico‘ exemplifies the appeal of La Liga. It is home to heavyweights like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Together, they have won approximately 70% of the league’s championships. With the release of the LALIGA: All Access documentary series, Netflix‘s first sports series in Spain, this legendary rivalry is about to attain unparalleled levels of attention.

Coming out on July 19, LALIGA: All Access will provide a comprehensive look at La Liga for the 2023-24 season. The critically praised Formula 1 series Drive to Survive did wonders for the sport’s appeal, particularly among younger viewers.

This new series intends to do the same. This is the same formula that Netflix used with Full Swing, which delves into the realm of professional golf. There is also Break Point, which examines the domain of tennis. Now Spanish soccer is about to get the same kind of attention.

The documentary drops on July 19th
The documentary drops on July 19th

The documentary drops on July 19th

What will LALIGA: All Access offer?

From major clubs to player biographies, LALIGA: All Access will give us the inside scoop on the Spanish top flight. We may anticipate inside looks at Jude Bellingham of Real Madrid, Xavi of Barcelona, and Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid. Giving viewers a full picture of the challenges and rewards of athletics, the series seeks to humanize athletes by discussing topics such as mental health, ageism, and perseverance.

The documentary series is an effort by Morena Films to highlight the variety and power of La Liga. The project’s executive producer, Alex Martínez Roig, was pleased with it. He praised the series for being the first one to focus on a major league in the globe.

“I am very satisfied with this project. It is the first time that one of the major world leagues has dared to tackle a series like this. And Netflix is going to be the best showcase to enjoy this journey behind the scenes of Spanish football.

“You will see the diversity and strength of LALIGA; the enormous bond between fans and their clubs; the pressure experienced by footballers and coaches beyond the matches. We wanted to humanize the athletes, talk to them about issues such as mental health, ageism, resurgence from failure, commitment to colors and a city.

“It has been a challenging, very enriching experience, impossible to carry out without the talent of the Morena team, the great complicity of all the clubs, and the involvement and trust of La Liga itself”, he said.

Netflix release official trailer

In addition to highlighting individuals, LaLiga 24 will explore the passionate rivalries and vibrant fan culture that characterize Spanish football. La Liga’s Executive General Manager Jorge de la Vega said that the show would capture the spirit of the league in all its competition, entertainment value, and drama. By immersing viewers in a season full of shocks and emotions, this documentary hopes to promote diversity and Spanish culture on a worldwide scale.

“La Liga is entertainment, drama, competitiveness… and all these feelings will be shown in this docuseries that we are so proud of. Thanks to this Netflix and Morena Films production, all La Liga fans around the world will be able to enjoy the intra-histories of the teams and experience from the inside how a season full of surprises and emotions unfolds.

“And it will also serve as a showcase for the culture and diversity of our country, thus encouraging the international promotion of Spain”, he added.

Preparation for the series premiere on July 19 has begun with the release of a teaser trailer. Providing a rare and personal glimpse into the league, LaLiga 24 will include exclusive interviews with teams’ players and staff. There will also, be behind-the-scenes videos from all 20 teams.

Photo credit: IMAGO / NurPhoto