Canada is yet to fill the void left by John Herdman the English coach who joined Toronto FC during the 2023 MLS campaign. Herdman led Canada back to the World Cup in 2022 for the first time since 1986. In doing so, he helped Canada emerge as one of the top soccer nations in North America. Yet, his strained relationship with the Canada Soccer Association created issues and his eventual exit.

That position has remained open since the Gold Cup quarterfinal loss against the United States and Herdman’s departure. Mauro Biello has been working as the head coach in an interim role, but Canada’s results have been mixed with some good and some bad. For example, Canada lost to Jamaica in the Nations League quarterfinals. However, it salvaged a spot in the Copa America in 2024 by defeating Trinidad and Tobago in a one-game playoff.

The head coach for that tournament is likely to remain Biello. However, former Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is a prospect to take over as Canada head coach. The English icon has bounced in and out of Stamford Bridge as a permanent and caretaker head coach during the club’s recent carousel in the dugout. That led to some good results, mainly in his first season as a manager for Chelsea. However, the most recent spell with the club led to a historically bad rate of success for the Blues.

According to The Telegraph, Lampard has been waiting to make his return to management. Now, international responsibilities may beckon as Canada has placed Lampard on its shortlist of coaches to take over in the buildup to the World Cup in 2026. Lampard has been holding out on taking over a new job because he wants the right opportunity. It is unclear as of now whether the Canada job is something that would suit his eye.

Frank Lampard is on the shortlist for Canada job

Previously, Lampard said he is not in a rush to get back on the sidelines. His time away from soccer has allowed him to spend more time with his family.

“I’m enjoying being with the family and looking to get back at some point,” Lampard said. “Hopefully, something comes up that feels right for me, I’m keen to get working again but as I reiterate, I’m enjoying family life. It’s an intense job so when you’re out of it, it’s nice to appreciate being around all my children. You love the job. You understand the rigors of it in the modern day. I’ve enjoyed all the clubs I’ve worked with. They’ve all been big challenges for different reasons. I enjoy working with players, improve players and the team, so let’s see what comes.”

If it is something that feels right for Lampard, it would be hard to pass up a ticket into the World Cup. In 2026, the United States, Mexico and Canada are hosting the World Cup. As the hosts, each of those tournaments already has locked up a spot in the competition. Should he take over as the head coach, Lampard would be on the bench for a team hosting games during the World Cup.