In the wake of Inter’s recent change of owners to US company Oaktree Capital, Finnish investor Thomas Zilliacus has renewed his interest in purchasing the club.

The 68-year-old told Italian broadcaster TVPlay of his plans during an interview, after earlier expressing interest in the Italian football team. The new owners can expect a formal offer from him soon, he said.

“Let me tell you something. Some fans asked me why I only spoke because I didn’t do anything to buy Inter. Now that the Suning era is coming to an end, I can tell you that I understand the fans’ frustration. But it’s not my fault.”

Finnish businessman slams previous Chinese owners of Inter

Zilliacus has long expressed interest in buying the Serie A giants. Last year, he was among several potential buyers in on the club. At the time, Chinese company Suning controlled the Giuseppe Meazza outfit. At that time, no actual agreement came to fruition, despite all the talk.

Recent events have brought about a dramatic shift in the situation. In the time after, Suning defaulted on a loan from US investment company Oaktree Capital. In turn, that resulted in the latter seizing Suning’s club shares.

“I have made two offers to buy Inter in the last year,” he continued. “One in July, the other I presented in November. The owners could talk to me, but unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and I don’t know the reasons. I have a lot of respect for Steven Zhang, he came from China and did a fantastic job with Inter in Italy. I had the impression that Zhang was willing to sell.

“My two offers were supported by one of the three largest banks in the world. I can’t reveal which one. Maybe the fans can’t understand that buying a football club is not like going to buy a bottle of milk, where there is a price tag, and you buy the product.”

What does Zilliacus think of Americans taking charge?

The default by Suning on their loan has resulted in Oaktree Capital taking control of the Black and Blue. About Oaktree’s assumption of leadership, he added: “Sad news for the Nerazzurri because this change of ownership does not give continuity to the club and does not offer the right planning and does not allow the club to maintain high standards.”

However, this shift in ownership dynamics has opened a new window of opportunity for potential buyers like the Finnish mogul. With Oaktree now in the driver’s seat, Zilliacus seems more optimistic about his chances of successfully negotiating a purchase.

“I am very interested in Inter. Now it could be easier because Oaktree is highly motivated to sell the club. The valuation to buy Inter is around one billion euros. I will make the proposal to Oaktree to demonstrate that the club can be transferred to a popular shareholder, like a project similar to Barcelona or Bayern Munich.”

If the businessman and philanthropist’s interest leads to a successful acquisition, it could signal a new era for Inter. The Finnish billionaire’s involvement could bring fresh investment and strategic direction to the club, potentially enhancing its competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

The specifics of his plans for the club are unclear. Regardless, his willingness to engage with the current owners indicates a serious commitment to pursuing this opportunity.