Bournemouth owner Bill Foley recently showed off his club’s new training grounds during an interview with Sky Sports. Although the facilities are not yet completed, construction crews continue to work tirelessly to finish the job. When all is said and done, the 57-acre complex will set back the American businessman around $40 million.

Despite the massive costs, Foley has proclaimed that it will become “one of the best” training facilities in the Premier League. This is particularly impressive considering Bournemouth has only ever spent seven seasons in the English top flight. Nevertheless, the American is splashing the cash to help make the club a Premier League mainstay.

Plans for the training ground include 15 total soccer fields, a large indoor facility in case of poor weather, medical and fitness areas, as well as offices and a large press conference room. Along with the first team using the new grounds, the academy and women’s teams will also benefit as well. The South Coast club is expecting construction to be completed on the project later this year.

Foley wants the club qualifying for European tournaments

In the aforementioned interview, Foley was asked how he was able to keep his word of continuing to invest in the team since purchasing Bournemouth in December of 2022. Executives in the sports industry typically make plenty of promises to the fans, but ultimately fail to deliver.

“Transparency,” replied Foley. “I always tell the truth and I’ll always be honest. I have big ambitions for this team, and I know we can do it, because I’ve done it with the Golden Knights, our hockey club. Same plans [here], same program. It’s expensive. To keep your word, you’ve got to put a lot of money behind it.”

The Las Vegas Golden Knights previously picked up the NHL championship in the summer of 2023. This was even though Foley just helped create the team ahead of the 2017/18 season.

Foley expanded on these ambitions even further by claiming that he expects Bournemouth to soon feature in a European competition. “We want to play in Europe,” proclaimed the businessman.

“Do we get to the top four or five [in the Premier League]? That’s complicated and difficult for Bournemouth. But with a new stadium and new facilities, we can keep on doing better every year. Just improve a little bit [at a time].”

The American businessman has made a lot of good moves with club so far

These goals will certainly not come easy. After all, Bournemouth’s best Premier League finish in the table was when they were ninth after the 2016/17 campaign. The Cherries, however, usually find themselves fighting for survival in the top flight.

Nevertheless, the club’s outlook has undoubtedly improved since Foley came aboard. Along with the training facility and plans for a brand new stadium, the American spent over $130 million in the transfer market in his first full season at the helm. The collective moves, including hiring Andoni Iraola as manager, are seemingly paying off. Bournemouth is currently 12th in the table and has scored as many league goals as mighty Manchester United.

Foley’s goals for the team’s future may seem unattainable to many soccer fans. However, the American is certainly putting in the work to help the club with the second-smallest Premier League stadium progress shortly.