In 2024-25, Arsenal will change the club logo on all jerseys. That results in a somewhat different design for the team’s kits.

Last year, Arsenal gave us a major hint about their plans with their third shirt for the current season. It had a distinctive green and blue color scheme and was emblazoned with the cannon emblem.

The Gunners will ditch the current badge on home, away, and third kits. They will replace it with the cannon emblem that Mikel Arteta’s squad has been using all season long. That change starts in the 2023/24 season.

The last time Arsenal went with the simple emblem was during the 2021–2022 and 2022–2023 seasons. It featured on the away jersey in black and gold. Going back a long distance to the 1977–1978 season, the cannon emblem was on all match jerseys. The next year, until 1989-1990, the logo included an embroidery of the abbreviation “AFC.”

Among the Premier League’s most storied clubs, Arsenal has built its reputation on an instantly identifiable logo. Even the most creative uses of it may satisfy the most ardent followers. Supporters feel a connection to the cannon emblem and to the remnants of Highbury.

Arsenal logo change follows suit of other clubs

After having problems copyrighting the earlier, more traditional crest, the Gunners adopted a new, more contemporary design in 2002. That has been in place since then. Next season, it will not appear on any Adidas jerseys.

A more minimalist cannon, according to The Standard, will be the preferred emblem instead. This one seems to provide a more antique vibe.

No regulation in the Premier League says teams cannot play in jerseys without the official emblem. Manchester United, for example, used their third uniform for a few games this season. That design contrasted with the iconic emblem thanks to a miniature stylized devil.

What does it mean for Arsenal’s classic crest?

After making a little adjustment to the cannon, Arsenal’s emblem will become one of several symbols utilized to convey the club’s appearance. However, the Gunners’ decision to reintroduce this logo shows it is determined to revitalize its visual identity. Last year, the club replaced the historic artwork on the outside of the Emirates Stadium with a new installation. It consists of eight images, creating a large outdoor gallery.

Various artists and themes were picked and implemented by the club to create artwork that brings together the club’s unique legacy. It also gives supporters a taste of what an ambitious and forward-thinking club has in store for the future.

Despite the fact that Arsenal’s traditional emblem will be absent from all of next season’s apparel, the club reportedly has no intentions of replacing it, according to The Athletic.

Other promotional materials will still include the present club emblem as it is an integral element of Arsenal’s visual identity. It would be expensive for Arsenal to conduct a comprehensive consultation process with supporters to modify the crest. It seems that the English side will not be changing their crest at this time.