The Only’, a documentary chronicling the life of Briana Scurry, debuts on Paramount+ on July 12.

Scurry’s life bolted into stardom surrounding the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup. There, she made a pivotal save in the penalty shootout against China. Consequently, Brandi Chastain had the opportunity to put the game away. Her now-famous picture of celebration took over the headlines. Briana Scurry, despite allowing Chastain to have that moment, did not receive the attention that her other teammates did.

This brings on the main focus of the documentary. Scurry battled discrimination due to her race, sexual orientation and rare mistake on the field throughout her career. In the end, Scurry fell into a pit of depression that saw her take whatever means necessary just to make ends meet.

Briana Scurry documentary

World Soccer Talk had the opportunity to chat with Scurry and the director of the documentary, Anthony J. Cortese.

In this interview, Scurry talks about how it all unfolded and what it was like to relive some of the best and darkest moments from her life.

For example, the former-USWNT star thinks about what could have happened if China won that 1999 World Cup Final. Back then, all the pressure laid on the shoulders of the USWNT. There was heavy investment into making this the biggest sporting event of the summer and in the history of women’s sports. The positive consequences for the growth of the game exhibit themselves today.

Another thing Scurry discusses is how low she got in her life. A major part of the Briana Scurry documentary is the discussion of depression. In fact, in this interview, Scurry goes into detail about how she pawned off her winner’s medals for some extra money. Fortunately, with the help of loved ones, she got them back.

Anthony J. Cortese, directing a documentary for the first time, says there are plenty of soccer documentaries already out there. This one has more of a focus on Scurry’s life from outside. Prior to the interview, Cortese and World Soccer Talk’s Kyle Fansler talked about what it was like to work with Scurry. He said it was a pleasure and an honor just to get to know her. In fact, he is not even the biggest soccer fan, but took inspiration from the story that Scurry battled through in her life.

The Only‘ comes to Paramount+ on July 12, with interviews from Scurry’s family, friends and teammates from the ’99ers.

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