Ted Lasso’s Christmas short is the newest release for the now critically acclaimed Apple TV+ show.

Everyone’s favorite charismatic manager of AFC Richmond has a short film about the manager and the club’s holiday festivities. However, this is unlike the normal show that received nominations. In fact, this short film is animated.

During the standard holiday episode during season two of Ted Lasso, the introduction had an animated introduction sequence. Although that episode was the live-action production fans usually see, Ted Lasso’s Christmas short follows the title-sequence animation style. Essentially, it is a stop motion animation style, so a stark difference from the usual show.

For those interested in the premise of the short film, the gang consisting of the usual faces sets out to find a lost item. This item, as well as its search, allow Lasso and his friends to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

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The five-minute feature includes all the voices that Ted Lasso fans are accustomed to. Jason Sudeikis as the incomparable Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt as his No. 2 in Coach Beard, Hannah Waddingham as AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton and others.

Ted Lasso as a series

Ted Lasso launched on Apple TV+ as a spin-off of an NBC promotional campaign for its Premier League coverage. The show debuted on August 14, 2020, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show delivered a positive message at a time when, frankly, a lot of people could use a pick-me-up. Since then, the show turned mainstream.

The witty remarks from the characters and likeable characters propagated the popularity of the show. If anything, the soccer aspect of the show became secondary to the plot. Yes, soccer is still a major part of the content. After all, the protagonist is the manager of a fictional team vying to get into the Premier League. However, to accommodate for a wide range of fans, the writers and producers write the show to be more understandable and applicable to more general audiences.

Ted Lasso’s Christmas short shows the goal of the producers and writers. It includes the sport, but it goes deeper than that.

Ted Lasso is an award-winning show, showing its brilliance.

The individual actors also received nominations at award ceremonies for their performances in the show. Sudeikis’s character is now a household name throughout much of the country due to the popularity of the show.