Apple TV+ has resurrected the popular Ted Lasso character from NBC Sports’ promotional commercials seven years ago. Back in 2013, NBC Sports gained the rights to televise Premier League matches here in the States and used Jason Sudeikis’ portrayal of an American college football coach making the unusual switch to manage a British Premier League club. The commercials were wildly successful for the network.

As good as the original NBC Sports Ted Lasso commercials were, the promos for the Apple TV+ show were a little disappointing. Seemingly overly corny and reliant on slapstick humor, the series didn’t exactly show much promise. However, although Apple TV+ may have dropped the ball in the promotional department, the actual show is quite enjoyable.

The soccer TV series not really about soccer, Ted Lasso starts out undeniably similar to the cult baseball classic movie Major League. Much like the 1989 movie, the owner of the fictional AFC Richmond club secretly wants the team to fail after assuming control of the team. The new owner, Rebecca Welton, hires Ted Lasso in hopes that his lack of knowledge of the sport will ruin the club that she doesn’t particularly care for.

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While the series begins almost like a Major League reboot, it quickly becomes its own show fairly quickly. The perpetually optimistic Lasso, joined in London by his longtime friend and assistant coach, is easy to root for and very likable to the viewer. Though he may not fully understand the game of soccer, Lasso attempts to make a difference in his players with humor, positivity, and life lessons mixed in throughout the show.

Not exactly innovative and somewhat predictable, Ted Lasso is just a fun show to watch. Rated MA for strong language, this is not exactly a family show though. It is, nevertheless, a good series to binge with a significant other. As all 10 episodes of the first season are just 30 minutes long, it could be a quick binge for many people. Even if you are not particularly a soccer fan, Ted Lasso is still entertaining. With only a few in-game matches actually shown, the show mostly focuses on the characters rather than the sport.

The show can get sappy at times for some viewers, particularly when the focus is on the characters’ love lives, but overall there is a good blend of ups and downs throughout the series (as well as a solid soundtrack). Comical cultural references frequently peppered everywhere, as well as Ted’s whimsical personality, are undoubtedly the show’s comedic strong suits.

Ted Lasso is available exclusively on Apple TV+. After a 7-day free trial, the streaming service is only $4.99 per month.