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Archives: Football Manager

Twitch is a surprising home for FIFA, PES and Football Manager addicts

Posted on by Caitlin O'Connell

If you’ve heard of, it’s likely through one of two ways. One, you’ve been on the site yourself. Or two, you possibly heard about the absurdly popular Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon from a year ago. Either way, you might … Continue reading

Football Manager Classic 2015 review; Game for mobile devices is a winner

Posted on by Harry Cee

In the past few years, the only thing I hated about playing any Football Manager game on my laptop while sitting on the couch was playing Football Manager on my laptop while sitting on the couch! Finally, Sports Interactive has … Continue reading

Product Review of Football Manager 2015 and FM 2015 Handheld Games

Posted on by Harry Cee

In playing Football Manager 15, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how Sega and Sports Interactive can still come up with a yearly iteration that’s fresh and interesting, which is no less true with other annual sports franchises such as Madden and FIFA.  Somehow, … Continue reading

Seattle Sounders Wins MLS Cup in ‘Football Manager’ Simulation

Posted on by Alex Muller

The makers of the Football Manager computer game, from Sports Interactive and Sega Europe, have run the 2014 MLS Playoffs through its game to simulate who will be crowned 2014 MLS Cup champions. According to the data, the 2014 MLS Cup champions … Continue reading

Watch the Football Manager 2015 TV Commercial [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

Sports Interactive has released its brand-new TV commercial to promote Football Manager 2015, the new version of the football manager simulation game that is adored by millions worldwide. There are no stars and few surprises in the TV commercial, but … Continue reading

Football Manager 2015 Features Enhanced Graphics, Scouting and Management [VIDEO]

Posted on by Jon Tsang

Sports Interactive has launched a new video to reveal the new features coming to Football Manager, which will be available for purchase on November 7 (or available two weeks earlier for customers who pre-order the game). The 30 minute video … Continue reading

WATCH ‘An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary’ [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

Sports Interactive, the makers of the famous Football Manager computer game, have produced a brand-new film entitled “An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary,” which debuted across the UK and Ireland on October 7, and is now available for viewing … Continue reading

Premier League Teams to Use Football Manager Database to Scout Players

Posted on by Jord Willis

Several Premier League clubs are set to start utilizing the database of players used by computer game Football Manager to help scout out talent across the globe. Everton has been reported to be using the database for a number of … Continue reading

3 Tips to Succeed in the Football Manager Computer Game

Posted on by Scott J Hancox

When starting with a Championship or Premier League club, the long-term goal in Football Manager is for complete domination unchallenged as the top club in Europe for a sustained period of time. Priority however is building a lasting legacy rather … Continue reading

Football Manager is More Than A Game; It’s A Gift From The Soccer Gods

Posted on by Scott J Hancox

Formerly Championship Manager, now Football Manager (or FM, for short), the FM revolution is an exquisite slice of heaven handed to us from the soccer gods. If you haven’t played it, you don’t know what you’re missing. Over the 15 … Continue reading

Football Manager 2014 Product Review: Game Now Available For Download

Posted on by Morgan Green

It’s here. The game that, coupled with FIFA (or PES if you’re one of those), will ensure that you have no life outside of staring at a screen until your eyes bleed. That’s right, Football Manager 14 is here and … Continue reading

Watch the Football Manager 2014 TV Commercial [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Sports Interactive, the developers of the computer game Football Manager, have released their TV commercial for Football Manager 2014. The popular football management simulation game is scheduled for release on October 31, 2013. Pre-order Football Manager 2014 today.

Football Manager 14: New Features Announced For Popular Computer Game

Posted on by Harry Cee

For fans that have followed the Football Manager 14 series, which will be available for download on December 1, it’s time to start getting excited about the new release. As always at this time of the year, Sports Interactive has … Continue reading

Top 10 Favorite Soccer Video Games of All Time

Posted on by Tim Simon

Soccer video games are a big part of a lot of people’s lives nowadays and they definitely have been a big part of mine. I have been playing football video games since I was eight years old, so I thought … Continue reading

Fluminense Full-Back Wallace to Join Chelsea Says Club: The Daily EPL

Posted on by Alex Muller

Chelsea is on the verge of signing Fluminense full-back named Wallace according to The Independent newspaper.  The gifted right back could be adequate cover for Branislav Ivanovic. As of press time, we’re not able to confirm nor deny whether Wallace … Continue reading

Football Manager 2013 TV Commercial: Perfect Your Formations. Always [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Football Manager 2013 is set for release on November 2, but if you pre-order the game, you’ll get the beta version two weeks before the launch date. To raise the hype for the upcoming … Continue reading

Football Manager 2013: New Features And Enhancements In Detail [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

Sports Interactive has released several new videos with more insight regarding the new features of Football Manager 2013, which will be released later this year. Above, you’ll see the Match Engine enhancements. And below, Miles Jacobson walks you through the … Continue reading

Football Manager 2013 Screenshots [PHOTOS]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Now that we know more about the Football Manager 2013 new features, we’ve gotten our hands on screenshots from the upcoming game. While the screenshots don’t tell the whole story of Football Manager 2013 (and are subject to change), it … Continue reading