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Book Review: Distant Corners By David Wangerin

Posted on by Robert Hay
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As MLS and the U.S. Soccer Federation try to create a modern soccer history, complete with its heroes, stories, and even villains, they often set aside our nation’s soccer past to complete their narrative. We often forget that the United … Continue reading

Review of Pele’s New Book, ‘Why Soccer Matters’

Posted on by Todd Simmons

For many years soccer, Brazil and Pele have been linked in the mind of many around the world. You could say that for certain generations, they were the three hearts of the sport. When Pele was born in the Brazilian … Continue reading

World Soccer Talk Announces Launch Of a Brand-New Soccer Book For EPL Fans

Posted on by Christopher Harris

World Soccer Talk is proud to announce its publication of a brand-new book that’s written specifically for fans of the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League. Written by World Soccer Talk Senior Writer Kartik Krishnaiyer, Blue With … Continue reading

Looking At Another Classic – The Glory Game by Hunter Davies

Posted on by Todd Simmons

“The fears, the tensions, the dramas, the personality clashes, the tedium of training, the problems of motivation, injuries, loss of form, the highs and lows, new people coming through, old stars beginning to fade, that sort of stuff goes on, … Continue reading

Book Review: Arthur Hopcraft’s Classic, ‘The Football Man’

Posted on by Todd Simmons

Football does not ask for faith: it compels examination. So writes Arthur Hopcraft in the introduction to The Football Man, reissued late in 2013 as part of the Aurum Press Sports Classics series. When I started reading the book, I … Continue reading

‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ Book Review: A History of Manchester United That Looks Ahead

Posted on by Todd Simmons
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The 2013/14 season is a period of intense transition for Manchester United, as former Everton manager David Moyes has become the first new manager of the team in more than 25 years. Despite the recent adversity the team has suffered … Continue reading

A Review of ‘Always Managing, the Harry Redknapp Autobiography’: An Enigma Who’s Always Puzzled

Posted on by Robert Hay

Autobiographies always tell a story.  Just like the newest John Grisham lawyer drama, an autobiography is an attempt to weave a story out of common human experience and present the reader with a linear series of events meant to entertain … Continue reading

Review of ‘In the Box,’ A New Photobook About Subbuteo

Posted on by Chris Ryan

When I was asked to review a book about “Subbuteo,” I thought I had been the victim of some sort of autocorrect. From there, my mind searched for memories of perhaps some Brazilian or Argentine defensive midfielder from the sixties … Continue reading

Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano: Book Review

Posted on by Lonnie Smetana

Author of Soccer In Sun and Shadow, Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano is best known in North America as the author of Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent. That novel made headlines (and vaulted to … Continue reading

Distant Corners by David Wangerin: Book Review

Posted on by Jim Barg

With his 2006 work Soccer in a Football World, David Wangerin shone a light on the murky history of American professional soccer in a way that other historians hadn’t. While most writers concentrate on the NASL era and beyond, Wangerin … Continue reading