Ten famous footballers and their unexpected hobbies


Few would be surprised to hear how a famous footballer enjoys surfing, hiking or golf. Even David Beckham’s interest in fencing or Michael Owen’s passion for horse riding makes reasonable sense. It’s not surprising football stars like to take up side hobbies as a means of taking a break from the job and enjoying an alternative type of exercise. Then of course there are those ‘side hobbies’ which seem more befitting of a pensioner. Bingo? Cake baking? Children’s writing? You’d be surprised what your favourite footballer gets up to in his spare time…

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bingo Whizz

Real Madrid star Ronaldo has a soft spot for bingo. Apparently he was given a DVD bingo game for Christmas one year and soon became hooked. The footballer describes the game as ‘exciting’ and said it helped him to pick up on new English words and phrases during his days with Manchester United.

Andrei Arshavin – Women’s Fashion Designer

Though one of football’s biggest misogynists (Arshavin once claimed he’d ban all women from driving if he could and that women’s football should not be taken seriously), the football star’s blatant sexism doesn’t stop him from specializing in a hobby related to women. The ex-Arsenal star has a degree in Fashion Design and likes to spend his leisure as a women’s dressmaker. He now owns a fashion line with his wife. Fabulous.

Neymar Jr – Poker Star

Not only does Neymar Jr have a deep love for poker – he’s pretty good at it too. He can’t boast of going as far into the World Series of Poker tournament like Gerard Pique, but the young footballer is heavily involved in the poker circuit and even acts as Brand Ambassador for PokerStars. More recently, he’s been hosting his own charity home games, raising money for the Neymar Jr Institute.

Theo Walcott – Children’s Author

Another Arsenal star with an unusual hobby; Walcott has four published children’s books – all centered around a boy called TJ and his love for football. The books have received positive reviews from children and parents alike. No doubt does Walcott’s expert knowledge of football give each story a genuine depth that is appreciated by young football fans.

Moritz Volz – Cake Baker

The German star has a trick for unwinding before a big game – taking to the kitchen and baking some delicious cakes. In his personal blog, Volz even revealed that he decides the type of cake based on his opponent team. “When we played the big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United, I made a biscuit-based cake with bananas and a dusting of green tea,” Volz has explained.“If we were playing against more rugged teams like Blackburn Rovers, I would made something a lot heavier, like carrot cake with nuts.” Perhaps consuming the cake-representation of his opponents works as a comforting metaphor for destroying them on the pitch. It’s anyone’s guess, really.

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