Premier League ball for 2015-16 season will be red: Leaked [PHOTO]


For the first time since the 2008-09 season, the official ball that will be used in the Premier League during the 2015-16 season will be a red and white gradient.

The leaked photo of the ball (see above) shows a unique panel design from Nike that features a crimson and white gradient. The ball, named Nike Ordem, will officially be revealed in July, 2015.

The new Premier League 15-16 Soccer Ball has 12 panels in a three layer casing system, combined with black aerodynamic Nike Aerow Trac grooves for maximum visibility,” says FootyHeadlines, “Recent Nike Premier League balls were combined with different tones of blue.

“Technology wise, the new Nike Ordem 3 15-16 Official Premier League Football features the same characteristics as the Nike Ordem 14-15 Premier League Match Ball. The Nike Ordem Ball is Nike’s ‘most innovative, technologically advanced and aerodynamically tuned ball to date.'”

What’s your opinion about the Premier League official matchball for next season? Share your feedback in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “Premier League ball for 2015-16 season will be red: Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. Nike the scourge of the world. I like the football white and the boots black. Grumpy old man jokes begin in 1 2 3! :)

    1. Not a fan of their MCFC kits but As an athlete and player myself, Nike is the best brand for everything football far as im concerned.

      The ball colour doesnt bother me to be honest.

  2. I hope this isn’t going to the same as the Nike “Mango” FA cup ball, I don’t pay $10 a month to directv for HD as I pay enough already, so I have to put up with guessing where the ball is during FA cup games, the visibility is that bad when the ball is being moved quickly (so no problem at Newcastle) or in the air with spectators in the background (no problem at the Emirates)

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