5 Reasons Why Selling Danny Welbeck Makes Zero Sense For Manchester United


All the headlines were about Manchester United capturing Radamel Falcao, while Arsenal merely “settled” again after missing bigger targets. But in my mind Arsenal has done a shrewd piece of business in acquiring Danny Welbeck for £16 million, while Manchester United’s new “galactico” policy could quite possibly backfire in a big way if the Red Devils finish outside the top four this season.

United may well have made a colossal error in judgment by letting Welbeck leave the club outright, especially when Falcao’s long-term future with the club is not secure, and will probably depend on the pre-requisite of Champions League football next season.

Here are my reasons against the sale of Welbeck:

1. You don’t sell potential starters to a side that finished above you in the table last season if you are a truly ambitious club. If Welbeck really needed to be moved, then loan him elsewhere. Plenty of suitors were available in the Premier League. Unless, of course United badly needed to get him off the books. If that is the case, the financial situation is hopeless. Nonetheless, it is entirely possible fourth place will come down to United and Arsenal, and the Gunners have benefited from the Red Devils need to make a hasty and quick sale.

2. Welbeck has all the necessary quality to potentially become a star with regular playing time. Aside from his lack of clinical finishing, his first touch, movement, work rate and willingness to defend are all of a high standard. Arsene Wenger knows how to cultivate this sort of player. Louis van Gaal had a fantastic record with young home grown players at Bayern Munich such as Thomas Muller and Toni Kroos. It is surprising that he would give up on Welbeck so quickly unless his hand was forced by higher-ups which I strongly suspect.

3. Falcao has never played in England before and Robin van Persie’s injury record is something to worry about. On a side note, this is the same reason Manchester City shouldn’t have let Alvaro Negredo leave the club since Sergio Aguero and Stefan Jovetic have a poor injury record. It’s imperative that you have cover while the big signing acclimates to the league. Let’s not forget Falcao himself is coming off a devastating injury, which torpedoed Monaco’s Ligue 1 title hopes last season and ruled him out of the World Cup.

4. Arsenal’s young British core will be together for years. Welbeck is a talent for the future. With this core growing together, the Gunners will be a threat for years to come. Welbeck can flourish in North London in a similar way that fellow England striker Daniel Sturridge has with Liverpool. He has taken his game to another level and erased questions about his finishing ability after moving from Chelsea to Liverpool in January 2013. Welbeck could replicate this feat if he’s given the backing of the manager.

5. United supporters always talks about being a “different” type of club. Chelsea and Manchester City buy players, while United grows them. For many years this was true, but if you compare the calculated moves of Chelsea and Manchester City this summer with the seeming desperation of United’s transfer business, the contrast makes the Red Devils look poor. Danny Welbeck is quite possibly the best player to come through United’s vaunted youth system since the class of 1992. Unfortunately, at 23 he has been deemed surplus to requirements and sold to a direct rival. This is the sort of move that was unthinkable even last season.

19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Selling Danny Welbeck Makes Zero Sense For Manchester United”

  1. Kartick, you have your opinion on Welbeck but the best player that came out of the youth ranks since the class of 92 is a laugh. Fletcher comes to my mind. Sixteen million pounds for a striker lacking clinical finishing is a good piece of business.

    1. I agree that Fletcher is the best. Before he got injured, Fletcher was probably one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the EPL.

  2. If a club has a lack of ambition for selling Welbeck and replaces him with Falcao then I don’t know what to way.
    Welbeck is definitely not the most talented player to come out the club since 92.
    James Wilson is the 4th choice striker now and he’s Manchester Born and bred.
    When Welbeck ran through on goal against Bayern he had everyone on their feet and he tried to chip Neuer and misses a great chance. Countless times Danny Welbeck has wasted chance after chance and in the MK game he was invisible against League One players.
    He has talent and I hope he does well but he can’t finish to save his life. He can run a marathon every game but that’s not putting the ball in the back of the net.
    Even if he comes good for Arsenal I’m pretty sure he’d come back to United in a Fabregas kind of way.

      1. I know he is. And he regularly writes articles that sound serious but seem to be simply to wind up the United fans. At least most of us on the comments thread attempt to do it tongue in cheek

        1. Hes a blowhard and we all know it. Some of his stuff on City is good, but he should stick to that and he doesnt. Almost all his other stuff is twaddle or some serious trolling masked in a serious “objective” tone.

  3. The article leaves the reason why Welbeck wants to leave: he wants to play as in and out striker and he’s not good enough for that role.

  4. Welbeck has a great motor and he is young but he is a poor finisher and his first touch is poor. Against MK Dons, he was easily pushed off the ball by League One players. Also, he blew many scoring opportunities during that game. He has been given chances and has never scored more than 9 Premier League goals while being deployed as the main striker. Good business by United. I wish Welbeck all the best.

  5. Strikers are supposed to be finishers, plain and simple. Hernandez, when he got service was a finisher and always a threat in front of goal. I have seen Welbeck countless times have a clear shot on goal and he either blasts it 20 yards over goal or hits it with his purse. Hes perfect for Arsenal. Hes frail, injures easily good first touch and dances around goal just like Wenger likes. How many times have you seen Arsenal knock the ball around 10 yards from goal and they dont shoot? Thats why Welbeck is perfect for Arsenal because he cant finish. He needed to go. Had Welbeck put on some weight and gained some aggression he could be top class but he didnt. Arsenal players dont hit the weights either so you will see him do what he did at Manchester United….nothing.

  6. Notice the strange obsession with Man Utd from these man city types lately. Quite pathetic really. Worry about why your own club has not promoted a single academy product in more than two years. W@nkers.

  7. That’s the 2nd or 3rd “I’m in love with Welbeck” article here within the last couple of months…

    Welbeck is a technically limited footballer who works hard with little to show for as end product…

    And, let’s face it, he couldn’t score in a brothel…

  8. Perhaps Welbeck wanted to leave. I would also tone down the ‘star of the future’ label too. We all see how that is working out for Jack Wilshere. Also, there’s a reason Fergie, Moyes, Hodgeson or Van Gaal haven’t played him consistently…he good but not a star.

  9. I don’t buy into Danny Welbeck as a future star. As other commentators have keenly observed, he’s a lightweight as a striker and easly gets pushed around on the pitch. This move will prove to be all about nothing as The Red Devils will hardly notice he’s gone and the Gunners will ultimatley be dissapointed with his lack of production.

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