Sporting Lisbon Claim Officials ‘Representing’ Manchester United Attempted Negotiations

The Marcos Rojo transfer saga has had its share of twists and turns since it was first reported two days ago that Manchester United had tabled a £16million bid for the Sporting Lisbon defender.

There were early concerns regarding the potential transfer because Rojo is only part-owned by the Portuguese club. The sports investment group, Doyen Sports, owns 75 percent of the player’s economic rights. They acquired such a strong holding with Rojo because the group paid 75 percent of his transfer fee when he moved from Spartak Moscow to Sporting in 2012.

In the past, third party ownership such as this have been an issue in transfer negotiations. But the early word from sources inside Manchester United was that the club remained “confident” there would not be any issues.

It has been reported that the Argentina international favors a move to the twenty-time champions of England, but Sporting rejected Manchester United’s initial offer for the 24-year-old defender. This lead to the player protesting by refusing to train with the club.

The Portuguese side have since “sanctioned” the player and stated they will not include him during this weekend’s match against Academica,

More reports surfaced earlier today indicating a row had broken out between the representatives and part-owners of Marcos Rojo and his current club Sporting Lisbon.

Doyen Sports hit back at Sporting’s stance and threatened legal action if fees due to it from any rejected bid were not paid. The group stated that they were entitled to a payment from Sporting worth 75% of any declined offer for Rojo.

Since the speculation is United have offered £16m for the defender, Sporting would own Doyen Sports £12m. (It has also been learned that Spartak Moscow are owed 20% of any fee received for Rojo above £4m)

A statement released by the group reads: “Sporting is entirely within its rights not to transfer the player Marcos Rojo, knowing that it only has to make up for the fund under the terms and deadlines as contractually established since the beginning.”

It continued: “Doyen Sports will not hesitate to use all legal resources at our disposal to defend fully all our interests and rights.”

The statement added: “Without the intervention of Doyen, through financing, Marcos Rojo would not be a Sporting player.”

The Portuguese club responded by “terminating” their agreement with Doyen Sports. Sporting insisted they have had “just cause” to terminate their agreement with the company, therefore they do not intend to pay any fees.

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