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WATCH World Cup 2014 Closing Montages From ESPN, BBC, ITV, CBC and RTE [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 at 6.20.46 PM 600x332 WATCH World Cup 2014 Closing Montages From ESPN, BBC, ITV, CBC and RTE [VIDEO]

After the final whistle was blown and Germany was declared World Cup Champions, the major sports networks started to wrap up their coverage of the 2014 World Cup, and many of them closed their broadcasts with a montage of some of the special moments of the World Cup tournament.

The amount of attention to the World Cup in Brazil was unprecedented due to the large role social media played, where records for the most tweets per minute were broken during the final the game that also was most talked about event on Facebook ever. Brazil against Germany, meanwhile, was the most tweeted about sports event in history.

Here are the closing montages from BBC, ITV, ESPN, CBC and RTE.

BBC (Great Britain)

The BBC showed the spirit of the game on the pitch but also the spirit on the streets of Brazil.

CBC (Canada)

Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars” shows us the stars of the tournament with clips of some of the best celebrations in the tournament as well as some of the best fans in the crowds.


“Sky Full of Stars” seems to be the song of the tournament as ESPN helps us relive the excitement building up to the tournament as well as the best moments in Brazil including some of the hits taken by the world’s soccer stars.

ITV (Great Britain)

ITV’s up-beat ending montage seemed to capture the excitement felt on the ground and in the arenas as the teams progressed with some amazing goals and best saves seen in this World Cup.

RTE (Ireland)

RTE seemingly created a love-song for the tournament in Brazil. So, it’s fitting that they start off showing the happiness then switch to the grueling injuries some of the players sustained, finishing off with goals and the final.

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4 Responses to WATCH World Cup 2014 Closing Montages From ESPN, BBC, ITV, CBC and RTE [VIDEO]

  1. tim says:

    ESPN’s is far and away better than the rest. Too bad its the last one for a long time.

  2. CH says:

    I like the BBCs best because it combines the WC with Brazilian culture the best.

  3. Chillusions says:

    BBC surely had the best one by far. Great concept and editing.

    ESPN one was solid but nothing special.

  4. brodle1 says:

    I loved them all – so sad that it’s all over now!

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