Manchester United Home and Away Shirts For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

Although not officially released, images of Manchester United’s new kits have surfaced online.

These strips are the first to feature United’s new sponsor, Chevrolet. In fact, in anticipation of the official release, the American car manufacturer commissioned a ‘teaser’ video, see here:

The video, featuring star players Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Juan Mata and David de Gea, as well as new assistant manager Ryan Giggs, shows the evolution of Manchester United shirts, culminating in a mass march down Sir Matt Busby Way.

The addition of Chevrolet’s logo, replacing that of Aon, actually detracts from the appeal of the shirt. The wide, gaudy logo dominates the tops, and the gold in the design confuses the general colour scheme. Nowhere else on either shirt can gold be found (apart from possibly on the crest, but that’s really more of a yellow), making the new sponsor logo look badly out of place.

But such is the way in modern football; money now has precedence over all else, including fashion.

Chevrolet logo aside, both strips, made by Nike, are quite attractive.

The home kit throws up no real surprises. It’s red, obviously, with matching black-and-white collar and sleeve cuffs. This works quite well. United tend to oscillate between red-and-black and red-and-white colour schemes from season to season, so it’s nice to see all three traditional colours feature prominently on one shirt.

The Red Devils went with a refined three-button collar for the 2013/14 home shirt which, unlike their on-pitch endeavours, went down quite well. This season they’ve gone for a similar design. Except this edition has only one button and a rounded collar, giving it an altogether more simplistic, and slightly infantile, look.

The home shirt features a couple of pleasant designs the fans will enjoy. The inside collar reads ‘Youth, Courage, Greatness’ which, although not an official motto, nicely encapsulates the essence of England’s most decorated club.

There’s also a small devil insignia – the same one that features in the club badge – in black on the back of the collar.

Design-wise, this away kit is almost identical to last season’s home offering, which received universal praise for an elegance rarely seen in footballing attire. I don’t mean to harp on about it, but the collar on the 2013/14 home kit really did add a touch of class. A similar effect is achieved for the new away shirt.

United fans will approve of the colour scheme. The shirt is primarily white, with a black collar and a smattering of red. Reminiscent of the away kits won from 1996 to 1999, this shirt is sure to bring back fond memories for the Old Trafford faithful.

Manchester United kits rarely disappoint, and this year is no different. Although they won’t go down as classics, the 2014/15 offerings are attractive. Definitely a shame about that garish Chevy logo, though.

The Manchester United home shirt will be available to purchase beginning July 17.

16 thoughts on “Manchester United Home and Away Shirts For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. Since the United States bailed out Chevy, and now Chevy sponsors Man United does the US Government get anything out of the deal?

  2. Let’s be honest. United kits ALWAYS look better on the pitch than they do in leaked photos.

    With that being said, I’m not crazy about them. Especially the Away kit but I will reserve judgement until I see them on the pitch.

  3. Another abomination from Nike..

    I haven’t bought a United jersey since the Umbro years.. Looks like nothing will change


  4. It’s time to go back to Adidas. Horrible button collars seem to be nike’s thing. That logo is awful too. Who drives a Chevrolet in the UK?

    1. Not true. The last time I went to England, I was shocked to see how many Chevy cars were on the roads.

      Plus, Chevrolet’s deal isn’t focused on Europe. The advertising partnership is focused worldwide, especially Asia. Both United and Chevrolet are global brands.

      1. I realize that the marketing is done to the served market. Last time I was in Europe (in two months and seven countries) I saw lots and lots of Fords, quite a few Chrysler/Mercedes, and loads of Asian imports.

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