What Will FIFA Do About Arjen Robben’s Blatant Dive Against Mexico?

In February, FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that diving would be taken seriously and that FIFA would use video evidence if needed to punish those who did it.

Blatter stated:

“Video evidence can be used for serious breaches of the principle of fair play such as brawling, spitting at opponents, verbal insults and racist slurs, or for incorrectly awarded red or yellow cards.

“In cases such as these we must make use of the avenues already open to us and intervene after the event if necessary.

“In this context, we should include the faking of injury, intentional diving or time wasting in our considerations.”

On Sunday, Arjen Robben blatantly dived against Mexico to win a late penalty that helped Netherlands eliminate Mexico from the World Cup.

The question is, what will Blatter do about it?

Anyone who has any vested interest in the World Cup and the sport of soccer anxiously awaits FIFA’s decision in order to see if Blatter will back up his words from February. Will he punish Robben and make an example out of him on the world stage, or will Robben get a slap on the wrist? This is the time when Blatter can make good on his word and act accordingly to show the world that when it comes to a sport watched by billions that cheating in any form should not be tolerated.  If FIFA and Blatter want to show that they are standing by their word and want to enforce FIFA’s disciplinary code, then Robben should be suspended from the rest of the World Cup.

Blatter cannot sit idly by and do nothing.

22 thoughts on “What Will FIFA Do About Arjen Robben’s Blatant Dive Against Mexico?”

  1. This article is poor and is written in a style that projects bias. While Robben clearly embellished his actions within the penalty area to draw a penalty, this is nothing new among players within football and has been going on throughout the tournament.

    To pick and choose one incident, while embellished acrobatic theatrics has been taking place at various instances for the past two weeks, displays a lack of knowledge for even the most basic approach to writing informative and creative articles.

    1. Juice…it’s an opinion piece…if you have a different POV please DO share.

      Yes, there has been plenty of dives during the tournament…some called, some not but this was one of those cases where if FIFA and Blatter were to make good on what he said in February, then this would have been it.

      This is one of the few times, considering the circumstances and the mixed penalty call prior to that this affected the outcome of the game.

      Think of it like this, if Blatter does nothing, he made himself out to be a liar…………..again.

      1. nah, he just wants to make the mexicans cry and rub salt on their open wounds.

        like a post-match “mind games” phil jackson used to play with opposing coaches.

        what with “sorelose herrera” (as opposed to Wet/Dry Herrera) whining about “all the dives” robben took and gael garcia bernal vowing never to ride klm again.

        Sorry Mexico. #goodbyefriend


      2. Harry,

        While creating an opinion piece is your right, statements such as “…Robben should be suspended from the rest of the World Cup”, rubs off as one who is angry, upset, or has a strong dislike towards the individual or team and/or such a strong admiration for the the other side that it clouds one’s judgment. In my own opinion and experience, comments like this are better left in the comment or reply section.

        As far as my own POV, I clearly see a theatrical dive. However, I’m not going to write an article that includes my own assessment that a tournament ban must be enforced on one individual for diving, when other instances within this tournament have taken place prior to this match and having not previously written about one of those other examples. It projects a dislike toward one player or team and the tolerance of others.

        As you stated, “…if FIFA and Blatter were to make good on what he said in February, then this would have been it,” then it would have also been right for FIFA to take action against Brazil’s Fred who blatantly dived in the penalty area, which resulted in a goal for Brazil and an “…incorrectly awarded yellow card…” for Croatia’s Dejan Lovren. It also means actions should be taken against Diego Costa for his dive in the penalty area against the Netherlands which led to a goal for Spain. Therefore, according to your statement regarding what FIFA’s sentence should be for blatant dives, Fred and Costa “…should [have been] suspended from the rest of the World Cup” as well.

        This is why I would poll the readers and ask if they think FIFA should take action against Robben and/or what they think the sentencing should be and leave what I think out of the article or place it in the comment section.

        The title alone insinuates that FIFA must take action against Robben’s blatant dive, which is great… It captures a readers attention! The only problem is that FIFA had not taken action against Fred and Costa, so writing an article about what disciplinary actions should be enforced, without mentioning similar instances within the article seem strange. It would be comparable to an article that is written about “Player Chomping” and not mentioning Luis Suarez.

        I really do apologize for any negative criticism, but I’m also trying to provide constructive criticism as well.


    2. I write with regard to the many comments about blatant diving during this particular world cup. This practice is not restricted to world cups or other major games but appears to be rife in leagues throughout the world of soccer. The looks of sheer agony displayed by so-called professional players when merely touched by opposing players is nothing short of a disgrace to the game that I used to love so much. I played as a young man and although I never reached the heights of today’s many,and often much over-rated players, I never, repeat never, blatantly went down for no good reason. Referees now have assistants on the line & behind the goal to help them make decisions and although some are still dubious, most are made correctly. If a player is proven to be blatantly cheating, he should be immediately red carded and suspended for an appropriate number of games. If this practice was to be implemented as a pilot scheme only for a season, I’m sure that players would think twice before attempting to have opposing players yellow or red carded for nothing more than a fair challenge. This is a contact sport and if people want to play it fairly, they should ride tackles like they used to be ridden and stop wimping out and acting as if they had been shot by a gun.

    1. The Mexican defender stepped in his foot in to prevent Robben, who still had control of the ball, from advancing. It was a trip.

      Robben could have probably kept on his feet, but would have lost possession and then the foul goes unpunished.

  2. Don’t expect FIFA to do anything. Robben admitted to diving not for the penalty but on another play in the box. If he had admitted to diving for the penalty then that would have been a different matter and FIFA then could have done something about it. Even if he dived for the penalty I don’t think he would admit it. Don’t know of any player that would.

    1. his “admission” was more in response to herrara’s sore loser complaints about the 3 robben “dives”.

  3. Harry, you make it sound like everyone recognizes that it was a dive…..but they do not. So, how do you punish someone for something that is inconclusive even with video evidence? The ref and many viewers saw a foul, even if Robben did help sell it.

    I despise diving and Sepp in equal measure, but you’re barking up the wrong tree on this particular incident. It is going nowhere nor should it.

  4. A hard punishment is way over due for diving. I am relatively new to the came-4 years-so maybe I can not argue intelligently on the issue, but from an outsider looking in, there is only one element of the game I despise. That is diving. To me it is nothing more and nothing less than cheating. If players dive they should be punished severely, and be treated as cheaters.

    Please don’t assume it is part of the game just because it happens all the time. Get rid of it and you have made a great sport even greater.

  5. Each ref has a pre match meeting with the team captains. If a ref makes a point of telling the team that simulation will be carded, it will cease, albeit slowly. Since this does not happen, it is obvious that FIFA chooses to not enforce the laws of the game. For the good of the game, let’s get some pro active refs. A couple of ten vs. ten matches will go a great distance in stopping the rampant cheating. And BTW, what happened to giving cards to players who waive imaginary cards? I’ve seen a good deal of this in this cup.

    1. There is no specific rule against waving imaginary cards, although the practice should and could be halted immediately. A few “unsportsmanlike conduct” yellow cards would stop it in its tracks. Same goes for the verbal badgering whenever they do show a card.

      The refs have it in their power to control that behavior, but just won’t do it. Perhaps they have been directed not to do so. As a former ref myself I have no idea why they put up with it.

      1. I think sometimes that a ref will feel that he does not want to card a player for something as mundane. It could change the chemistry of the game, which is not fair to the players or the fans, but…on the flip side you’ve got to start somewhere.

  6. Wow, you guys should get your facts straight… If you all would’ve listened correctly, which you guys can’t because you can’t speak dutch… you would’ve heard that robben said that he didn’t dive the one where the penalty was given… jeez… the one he dived was not the important one.. that was a 100% pen and there should’ve been atleast 3 more pens so stop it, posts like these piss me off. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!

    1. A clear penalty, no matter how light the touch, how much you all think he faked it: his path towards the ball was blocked by a leg that didn’t get close the the ball. Guess you are the superhero that can jump over that leg, with your left & right foot, keep the ball to score or pass it to the free guy, Memphis Depay, at the left side of the goal. But Robben simply isn’t as good at this as you, supernatural being!

    2. what does us speaking dutch have to do anything, its like me saying well you don’t speak Spanish if not you would know that Robben said he dived in the first one in order to deflect from the real issue that he is a diver and if that is what dutch pride is all about, then by all means have at it, at least you will have something to be proud of, I believe they will be giving a diving cup as well so cross your fingers.

  7. I am so sick of the double standard. White guys do something that the South Americans do more than anyone and when they aren’t even touched. There is a politically correct society that has gone from PC to an attack on white people and Christian people. I never hear crap about the South Americans or the African teams acting like dishonest classless losers. Much like politics because of our anti-white President, a person who supports radical Islam more than Israel, there is a cultural attack on Anglo-Saxons and Christianity in general throughout the world. And it carries over to sports now. Phil Mickelson gets in trouble for insider trading, something he wasn’t even close to guilty on, because he spoke out against high taxes in California and is loved by the Tea Party. The double standard needs to stop. Because like someone said, now everyone is picking and choosing to notice something someone did and then take it to the next level and want there to be criminal charges or extreme consequences that are outside of the rules or the rule of law. I am tired of the immoral scum playing the victim and going after people because they happen to be white. The culture of Europe and the United States and Canada is so much more advanced and honest with ethics and morality, which frankly a large part of the Southern hemisphere doesn’t exist.

  8. When I watch a soccer game, I would like to watch sports and not theater.
    Acting is not part of this sport and the actors should be punished or at least ignored.
    It is frustrating to watch good teams being beaten by acting skills rather than athletic ones.
    Watching Robben robbing Costa Rica of one goal is disguting and not fun. Netherlands doesn’t need that. They have good players. Why don’t they jut play soccer rather than theater?
    Yes, I agree the FIFA should do something about it.


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