What Will FIFA Do About Arjen Robben’s Blatant Dive Against Mexico?

In February, FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that diving would be taken seriously and that FIFA would use video evidence if needed to punish those who did it.

Blatter stated:

“Video evidence can be used for serious breaches of the principle of fair play such as brawling, spitting at opponents, verbal insults and racist slurs, or for incorrectly awarded red or yellow cards.

“In cases such as these we must make use of the avenues already open to us and intervene after the event if necessary.

“In this context, we should include the faking of injury, intentional diving or time wasting in our considerations.”

On Sunday, Arjen Robben blatantly dived against Mexico to win a late penalty that helped Netherlands eliminate Mexico from the World Cup.

The question is, what will Blatter do about it?

Anyone who has any vested interest in the World Cup and the sport of soccer anxiously awaits FIFA’s decision in order to see if Blatter will back up his words from February. Will he punish Robben and make an example out of him on the world stage, or will Robben get a slap on the wrist? This is the time when Blatter can make good on his word and act accordingly to show the world that when it comes to a sport watched by billions that cheating in any form should not be tolerated.  If FIFA and Blatter want to show that they are standing by their word and want to enforce FIFA’s disciplinary code, then Robben should be suspended from the rest of the World Cup.

Blatter cannot sit idly by and do nothing.


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