Arjen Robben Admits To Diving In Mexico World Cup Game

Netherlands and Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has found himself once again the center of controversy as he admitted to diving in the first-half of the Netherlands come from behind 2-1 victory over Mexico. The win advanced Robben and his Dutch side into the World Cup Quarterfinals where they will face Costa Rica.

Robben has developed a reputation for diving and even for feigning injury during matches. The Dutchman told NOS after the final whistle:

“I must apologize,”

“The one at the end was a penalty, but the other one was a dive in the first half. I shouldn’t be doing that.”

Robben claims he didn’t dive for the late penalty that was awarded for foul on Rafael Marquez. However, it is beyond doubt that Robben dove to at least exaggerate the contact.

But the player has a long-running history of diving. Whether it be in a critical Champions League match for Bayern or the last World Cup for Holland, Robben has become one of the most disliked players in world football for just this reason.

Mexican Manager Miguel Herrera was unimpressed by Robben’s antics feeling the Dutchman should have been sent off.

“Robben did three dives for penalties that didn’t exist. He had to be cautioned.If you do that to the guy who tries to cheat, then he can’t cheat again. Robben should have got a second card. If you don’t do anything as a referee, the player carries on. He knows he won’t be expelled from the pitch so he carries on.”

The controversy over diving in football continues to be a hot topic. Unfortunately as Rafa Marquez the Mexican captain who fouled Robben for the decisive penalty learned once again, that any small amount of contact on a chronic diver is bound to cause a reaction. Often times the referee will react and award a penalty.

Arjen Robben is a fantastic talent, one who has accomplished everything imaginable at the European club level. But his reputation for diving and simulation continues to be a blight on his play and on the sport in general.

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    1. If you cheat to win, is that really winning? Robben has a reputation for diving in the box. Amazing though how he keeps his feet on the rest of the pitch. A few yellow would change his behavior.

        1. If a player cheats and the ref. does not do anything, then the ref. is also cheating.

          FIFA is not a saint, I wonder if they are getting any money out of
          all this.
          Think about it there is a lot of money involved in these games, most likely a lot of betting
          is involved in these games. So where there is
          a lot of money, there could also be …….

        2. This is a beautiful game, often marred by horrible sportsmanship which is one of the reason people look down upon the sport. Comments from people like John Marzan support the unsportsmanlike conduct.

          1. Agreed. If the cowardly diving was removed, the sport wouldn’t be so obscure in the US. Supporting the diving like this Marzan guy is just another way to avoid responsibility.

  1. are people actually saying that there was no tripping on that play? that’s a veteran move to get the refs attention on the tripping.

    1. Are you kidding? If it was Ok for players to flail like they been hit with a bat each time there was contact, then there would be no point to the game. These are real athletes, they don’t need to act like dancers.

  2. Robben a diver?
    Do you also see how often he get’s attacked at his feet. Moreno from Mexico even breaks his leg at his attempt to stop Robben in first half.
    So he exagerated the contact in the last minute, but the mexican missed the ball and clearly put his foot in front of Robben.

    Anyway, if not for the penalty I think the Dutch would have won in extra time. They seemed much more fit at the end than the Mexicans.

    Herrera has to blame himself by taking of both Dos Santos and Peralta after the 1-0. Bad coaching.

    1. Robben its a monster player, to sustain that level in that heat its commendable. Mexico lost for lack of long-tooth. Soccer its a diving sport.

  3. in the nba, if you slightly tap the shooter at the elbow while he’s shooting a 3 pointer, you get called for a foul.

      1. dont be obtuse. an nba player cant make the excuse that it’s just a light touch on the elbow when it can alter the trajectory of the opposing player’s jumpshot.

        if you lightly touch a player’s elbow when he’s in midair shooting a 3 pt shot, that’s a potential 3 free throws, amigo (if the referee catches you doing it.)

  4. Maybe you should have better translators because this is not what he said:

    Translation (after they have been talking about the Moreno attack being a real penalty)

    I do have to say, honestly, and I would also like to apologize directly. In the first half before this I did make a ‘schwalbe'(dive). It was a stupid stupid situation. But OK, sometimes you suspect kick and they retract at the last minutes.

    I believe this is different than what you are discribing here. He never said “The one at the end was a penalty, but the other one was a dive in the first half. I shouldn’t be doing that.”

    1. How easily people forget… already looking over the fact that Robben was tackled twice in one second, by one Mexican from behind and one Mexican in a sli tackle so violent he broke his own shin bone. 2 tackles both worth a red card, so in fact Mexico should feel lucky didn’t end the 1st half with only 9 players. Besides, Brazil should have been awarded a red card in the 1st match for stepping on a Croatian player’s ankle followed with a dive. But of course, that very obvious foul is too long ago to remember. It was 17 days ago!

  5. Netherlands should have received a penalty when Mexico committed two fouls at once on Robben within range. He didn’t get it. At the end, they stepped on his feet. So the penalty is completely, without *any* question, the only good decision. Robben does bring it theatrically, but the penalty was well deserved. One because it simply was a foul, and two because a penalty should have already been awarded earlier in the game… It’s absolutely a foul on Robben from Mexico, so the penalty was well deserved. Look at the videos, there is no doubt about it…

    Robben did dive earlier in the match though, in the first half: and he should have gotten a yellow card for that one. But the ref missed it. He (Robben) already apologized for doing that. But the deciding penalty? 100% right, no doubt.

    But you don’t hear the Mexicans complain that Robben didn’t get a penalty in the first half… No no, they totally ignore that. And the one at the end also was a foul. Theatrics while going to the floor: but a foul all the same, and hence a deserved penalty.

  6. It wasn’t a penalty. Unlike actually being tripped, Robben was looking for the contact. It’s like a player hooking his foot to the other player, looking for contact and spasming as he heaves himself to the ground. Robben already dived twice before and should have been carded before the 3rd dive.

  7. It does not matter anyway, Mexico lost because it was unable to control the game and allowed Holland to create 10 corners. 10 corners and multiple other pressures! A team like that? Mexico very green and some lack of leadership. As much as I liked Herrera’s coaching since taking over the team, he was out of place when calling for his players “our formation did not mean stay back”… he is the coach. Other than that they did a preparation and a great cup. I mean tactically and in all forms. Well one Mexico you still have a long road before becoming a top team. Holland was at the end better. Those dives are done by most teams, including Mexico.

  8. Almost every player makes schwalbes, you see it all the time so don’t focus only on Robben now. In previous matches we got to penalty’s against us, first from Spain, and then the one from Australia, both unfairly. But nobody talkes about that because we won, so stop with this hypocritical talking about us. We are the best, and we will be world champion, you will see.

  9. Holland should be out right now for cheating like this is inbelivable Mexico was playing so good and the game was awsome Mexico was winning and played with their passion and heart they should be in the next match.. So I wish Holland will be delete and out of world cup in a blink by karma.. DEAR KARMA DELETE HOLLAND FROM WORLD CUP THEY DONT DESERVE TO BE THERE.. Go home Holland youuuu suck!

    Costa Rica send Holland home they are the worst in this world cup for cheating and dont playing clean.. HOlland Football SUCK!!

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