Player Ratings For USA-Germany World Cup Game

It was one of the most tense viewing experiences as a fan of the US Men’s National Team, but the USA team did what was necessary to advance to the next round of the World Cup. We can now all breathe a collective sign of relief.

Here are the player ratings for Germany-USA:

Tim Howard, 7: Made the saves he had to make – no chance whatsoever on Thomas Muller’s thunderbolt.

DeMarcus Beasley, 8: He’s having a terrific World Cup. Tried to take advantage of Germany’s slow wings with a few forays forward today, and was as consistent and assured as usual.

Omar Gonzalez, 8: It was an incredibly gutsy call from Jurgen Klinsmann to insert a player who hasn’t played 90 minutes since the middle of May into a decisive World Cup match – but it paid off. Gonzalez used his physical prowess all night in a series of impressive plays in the American penalty area.

Matt Besler, 6: Had a more understated game than Gonzalez, but was solid. His marking was a little lax though, and he kept Klose onside for what should have been his record-breaking goal.

Fabian Johnson, 5: Johnson, much like during the Ghana game, was stifled getting forward and left to defend. He was competent, if not dangerous.

Kyle Beckerman, 8: This is a beautiful man. Beckerman’s effortless positioning and increased confidence on the ball have been a joy to behold – especially for the four defenders behind him.

Jermaine Jones, 6: Jones had a ton of energy against his former national team. In a much more advanced role than he’s ever had in a US jersey, Jones didn’t have the effect on the game that he had against Ghana and Portugal, but he nullified Bastian Schweinsteiger and was a constant threat.

Michael Bradley, 4: Bradley worked his tail off for the cause, but was again so poor in attack that he dropped deeper in the second half to push Jones forward. The US needs this man firing in the knockout round.

Brad Davis, 3: Klinsmann’s Gonzalez gamble paid off, the Brad Davis move didn’t. Davis’ crossing and set piece ability weren’t called on, and he was a defensive liability. We probably won’t see him again in the tournament.

Graham Zusi, 5: Zusi had a very active game and provided good defensive cover, even if he wasn’t at his sharpest on the ball.

Clint Dempsey, 4: Very ineffective game from Dempsey, who couldn’t make the most of his very limited touches. Hampered by being the lone-striker in a defensive effort.




Alejandro Bedoya, 4: Had the best chance of the game for the US, but saw it blocked by Phillip Lahm. Didn’t have any impact, and was loose in possession.

DeAndre Yedlin, 6: Looks good in the midfield, where his defending can’t hurt. Yedlin knows his three best attributes are being fast, speedy, and quick, and he’s taking advantage.


On to Salvador to play Belgium or Algeria!!

14 thoughts on “Player Ratings For USA-Germany World Cup Game”

  1. It didn’t look like he nullified Schweinsteiger. Bastien made repeated forays forward. Beckerman was the best player on the pitch bar Meuller.

  2. 3 straight games now that Bradley has been the worst player on the pitch.

    JK has been ballsy before.

    Bradley out!

      1. Yeah I hope you watched him walk the entire last game he is the worst player on the team.. im sure the subs are better. And yet when he has his head up his ass he doesn’t get taken off? I wonder why wait, Didn’t his dad coach a US national team?

  3. Omar Gonzalez on British TV was marked out for special praise by Alan Hansen. I thought he was the USA’s best player. The USA is definitely the team most British people are rooting for that is left in the world cup.

  4. Gonzo stepped up bigtime. He was massive today.

    If Jozy was healthy, you’d have to at least think about sitting Bradley down next match and sliding 8 back into midfield.

  5. I have to agree with Jake above. Schweinsteiger was dangerous, and it didn’t matter who was on him, Jones, Beckerman, or Bradley.

    If only Jones had the ability to distribute the ball better.
    In a basketball sense, he is more of a shooting guard than a point guard. When he moved forward into the attack, it was because he was trying to get into a position to score. And, that was when he was dangerous. A 6 is fair for Jones.

    Omar was the rock in the back four. I’d nit-pick and give him a 9.

    I’d give Johnson a 6. Lowering him to a 5 because Davis wasn’t doing his job shouldn’t reflect poorly on Fabian.

    Finally, I have to really disagree with Beckerman’s 8. This is the second game in a row where he could’ve been given a yellow. He threw an elbow against Portugal that went unseen. And, today, he pulled Schweinsteiger down and that was worthy of a yellow. Thankfully, the ref didn’t see it. Had a received both yellows, he would’ve been out for the next game. Other than that he did well. The angry cynic in me would give him a 6. But, the more reasonable me would give him a 7. He’s got to tone that crap down. He’s too valuable to be out.

  6. Here are the ratings from German “Kicker” Magazine for US and German players. NOTE: Kicker use a 1 to 6 grade and in Germany a 1=Excellent and 6=Poor/lowest grade.

    Howard: 3
    F. Johnson: 4
    O. Gonzalez: 3.5
    M. Beslser: 3
    D. Beasley: 4.5
    K. Beckerman: 4
    J. Jones: 5
    G. Zusi: 4
    M. Bradley: 3.5
    B. Davis: 4.5
    C. Dempsey: 4.5
    Bedoya: 5

    M. Neuer: 3
    Boateng: 3
    Mertersacker: 2.5
    M. Hummels: 3
    Benedikt: 3.5
    Lahm: 3.0
    Schweinsteiger: 2
    T. Kroos: 3.5
    M. Ozil: 3
    Podolski: 4
    T. Mueller: 2.5
    M. Klose: 3.5

    1. US put on a reasonable show. Not sure how Beckerman stayed in the pitch. Made so many poor/intentional/dirty fouls on the German midfield it was embarrassing that he did not get a yellow for so long and not a 2nd shortly after. If the ref gave a yellow to Germany for the first booking the US should feel privileged to have 11 last the full 90.

  7. Omar surprised me. He played great. Does Klinnsman start him again against Belgium especially with Lukaku and Fellaini lurking around. Bedoya could start again with Davis poor playing. Starting lineup predictions anyone?

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