WATCH Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Bite Giorgio Chiellini [VIDEO]

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez did it again. In the second half of the World Cup match against Italy, Suarez bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder and should have been red carded.

However, the match officials missed the incident even after Chiellini showed the ref the bite marks on his shoulder.

Just minutes later, Uruguay scored from a corner to lead the match 1-0.

Watch the Luis Suarez biting incident here:

48 thoughts on “WATCH Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Bite Giorgio Chiellini [VIDEO]”

    1. Rest of the World Cup indeed. Does FIFA have the power to suspend league play as well?

      One of the best strikers on the planet. Always get 110% on the pitch. But then he does something like this… again. Last season he really had improved, both in diving and headbangingly frustrating acts.

    2. Rest of tournament?, no suspended for one whole year of no football. It’s not like he’s done this once in his career, he’s done this 2 twice before, a tournament ban is to light.

  1. He will be banned for the rest of the tournament. He will also not be playing for Liverpool again. And his transfer fee has just dropped. Liverpool cannot be happy with this.

  2. as a liverpool fan i deeply concerned with this, i hope he gets banned for the tournament, he needs to address his demons.

    but on a funnier side Chiellini and Pepe deserve this treatment once in a while can add sargio ramos to that list as well.

    1. It has gotten to the point where you don’t really think giving an extra chance will stop him from doing this again.

  3. I definitely don’t see him with Liverpool next season.

    And like Brian said, his transfer fee just dropped as well. Maybe he will end up at Barcelona after all. I’m sure Brendan Rogers is nauseated right now.

    1. I don’t see him playing football at all next season (and maybe 2 seasons)either in Liverpool or Barcelona.

      Maybe at some non-league non FIFA organization.

  4. FIFA have the right to ban Suarez for up to 2 years if he is found guilty of biting Chiellini, according to CBC Sports’ Andi Petrillo (one of the WC hosts in Canada)

  5. In the video it shows Suarez holding/checking his teeth. One of these days I can see a bitten player lose his cool and will punch/hit Suarez to knock out his teeth.

    That would ruin another football career. Crazy stuff.

  6. Three strikes and you’re out!

    He should be banned for the rest of this tournament, and I think he will be, and for at least another 10 competitive international matches.

    The guy is mental. Terrific footballer but his antics are now bordering on him being certified as a mental case.

  7. This may be a blessing in disguise for FIFA. They can use this as cover to move the 2022 World Cup to the US.

    “FIFA after an exhaustive review have ruled Luis Suarez will be banned from football for 18 months…

    …oh and the World Cup in 2022 is moving to the US.”

  8. This is a guy who can’t handle pressure and reacts by lashing out impulsively. There is so much pressure on him right now. Think about it.

    -His club collapses the last 3 weeks to lose a league title
    -The final match a reckless tackle wrecks his knee
    -He undergoes surgery and cant train with his country
    -he misses the first match of the world cup which his country
    -Roy Hodgson doubts his world class status
    -he comes back @ 75% fitness and beats England by himself
    -He then states his revenge motive ’cause of how the media
    treated him in england which is biting the hand that can knock
    you down
    -The backpage of the SUN (TRASH) reveals his LFC teammates
    with Baboon fangs with the “BIte back” headline
    -Real Madrid is rumored to come and bid
    -He states he doesn’t want to leave Liverpool
    -Barcelona is rumored to come and bid
    -He states he loves Liverpool
    -His father-in-law states he wants to play for Barcelona
    -He has to answer transfer questions everyday ahead of a win
    or go home match against italy
    -The match doesn’t go well and he is not fully fit
    -He snaps!

    I don’t condone anything he has done and he needs to resolve whatever anger issues or personality disorder he has before he gets near a football pitch BUT thats an awful amount of pressure in a short amount of time.

    And if that’s how he responds to pressure he has no business going to the Camp Nou or the Bernebeau! Did he happen to see how the fans greeted Barcelona when they returned from the loss at the Copa Del Rey???

    The BIG question is how does this affect LFC’s offseason? Can they still sell him to Barcelona and get Alexis Sanchez back? OR has his value declined to the worth of a used Pannini book, a leaky football and an unofficial bio of Messi?

    1. Some club will buy him but not for the 70-80 million that was talked about before this incident. Right now Liverpool would be lucky to find a buyer for 50 million.

      No club will want to discuss buying Suarez until after FIFA rules on his ban. I’m not sure if the FA in England can also ban him separately for this incident. It doesn’t appear to be so but we’ll have to wait and see.

      At least the English press now have something bigger to discuss instead of the poor performance of the English squad.

  9. Unfortunately if it’s only an international ban then it won’t mean much to Suarez and could possibly make him a more attractive proposition for a club transfer even enhancing the transfer fee.
    Think about it a world class (albeit mental) player with no international duties, available to play for your club for an entire season or two.
    The only ban worth it’s salt has to include domestic football.

  10. Who lets the dog out? hu hu hu hu!
    Who lets the dog out? hu hu hu hu!

    P.s. Nothing can stop Suarez from biting! No one! That is his true form! The dog, the zombie! Hahahaha!

  11. It must have been the lunchtime kick-off. The hungry Uruguayan was probably starving after all that running around and falling over.

  12. I can’t believe someone didn’t say it already. He had a hankering for some Italian! After the Serbian he had last time, he wanted something different.

    On a serious note, I agree, ban him from all football for a year or more.

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