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Where to Find the USA vs Portugal Game On US Television And Internet

usa portugal3 Where to Find the USA vs Portugal Game On US Television And Internet

Today’s must-see game between USA and Portugal will be shown live on US television and Internet beginning at 6pm ET/3pm PT (coverage begins at 5pm ET/2pm PT). If the United States beats Portugal, it will advance to the next round of the World Cup. If they draw or lose, then that’s another story.

If you want to watch the game on free-to-air network television, the game will be shown on Univision (check local listings for channel numbers). Univision is also offering a free, legal stream of the game without authentication required via it’s Univision online website.

For soccer fans with cable or satellite, you can watch the game live on ESPN and WatchESPN. To watch the game on WatchESPN, you’ll need to use authentication to show that you subscribe to ESPN. Unfortunately, ABC decided not to show the game during primetime network television and will instead be showing local and national news, followed by the season premiere of a TV show aptly named called Wipeout.

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The USA-Portugal game will also be available in Portuguese via ESPN Deportes as well as via ESPN Radio.

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8 Responses to Where to Find the USA vs Portugal Game On US Television And Internet

  1. R.O says:

    Why is the game not on ABC? One would think it would be to expand viewership and interest.

    Would give an opportunity for those that don’t have Cable or SAT.

  2. EPLNFL says:

    Just my guess that the NBA finals may still have been on going so it was set for ESPN.

    Never seen this interest for a USMNT game. Wearing my USA jersey today I have had 4 strangers ask me the starting time and my 80 year old in laws call to ask for the game time.

    GO GO USA.

  3. d.e. says:

    What an embarrassment… ABC showed the other two games today, them decided against showing our NATIONAL TEAM? Pathetic decision making, ABC. Really shows where your national pride is.

    Thank you Univision. I’ll be tuning in to your content more often.

    • Jeff says:

      ABC not showing the US game has nothing to do with not showing ‘national pride’. As I explained in another thread, airing USA v Portugal on ABC would not only interrupt local news in the Eastern/Central timezones (which is important for the local ABC stations), but it would also play havoc with ABC’s Primetime schedule. This is because Primetime begins at 7pm on Sunday’s & the USA goes from 6pm – 8pm ET. Meaning if ABC were to show the game, it leaves them with a problem of an hour of Primetime that would need to be pre-empted in the Eastern time-zone but would still need to air in the rest of the country.

      I believe ABC airing the game would have provided a big lead-in (judging from the ratings of the Ghana game) into Primetime anyway. Again, it is what it is…

      • Huw Roma says:

        Your explanation really sounds more like an excuse, when you know it’s a disgrace not to show it live.

        • Jeff says:

          Huw, if you’ve read my last line & what I said in other comments – I agree with you that ABC SHOULD have shown the game live.

          I have no financial/personal gain from making so called excuses for ABC… Go ask the bosses of several local ABC affiliates & they would likely give you the same answer I gave

  4. Robert Rhodes says:

    My guess is that Disney is showing the game on ESPN because they know that is the game everyone in the US is interested in and they want to punish those who have chosen to cut the wire or have selected a more economic package which does not include their networks.

  5. Adams says:

    My favorite match on this world cup!

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