WATCH John Oliver’s Rant About FIFA and the World Cup: Must-See TV [VIDEO]

We’re big fans of John Oliver, the host of the HBO show “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.” The soccer-mad comedian and TV show host (who’s a fanatical Liverpool FC supporter) has beautifully summed up FIFA and the World Cup, and the schizophrenic feelings that many soccer fans have about hating FIFA and loving the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

Oliver encapsulates the feelings among many soccer fans regarding FIFA and the World Cup. His excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.

Watch the must-see video here:

19 thoughts on “WATCH John Oliver’s Rant About FIFA and the World Cup: Must-See TV [VIDEO]”

  1. Piss off John, the World Cup is 3 days away. You don’t like FIFA, don’t watch the World Cup, it’s called the FIFA World Cup for a reason. Let those of us that love and live for the tournament bask in it’s glory sans the faux, hipster outrage.

    1. So you think we can’t enjoy the World Cup and at the same time bash FIFA for it’s gazillion scandals?

      I think you need a semester of logic 101 first.

      1. You have a gripe against FIFA but yet you’ve no problem watching thus supporting the event that FIFA founded, organized and benefit off but you talk to me about logic? I’m afraid logic 101 isn’t on offer at the local community college.

          1. Ive zero gripe against FIFA. I’m pragmatic enough to realize that FIFA has its issues but having to manage the game in over 200 countries with vastly differing cultures is a colossus of a task.

            1. So they get a free pass from you to commit the continuing number of mistakes and alleged corruption?

        1. It is possible to support a club while being critical of some of the things it does. Similarly, it is possible to criticize a governing body and yet enjoy/support its product.

          I am extremely critical of the English FA but I still watch EPL matches and support an EPL club. They can be mutually exclusive.

          Finally, only through being critical of what a governing body does, even through parody, will there be any hope for change for the better. Just accepting things as they are is not part of human nature.

      1. I always find trolling at the expense of people in the third-world or under extreme duress quite distasteful. We all love this sport, we’ll all probably watch the tournament, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t demand accountability and ethical standards from the organization whose name is currently synonymous with both the game we adore AND rank corruption, malfeasance, and incomprehensible callousness.

  2. Brilliant from John Oliver, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s an idea, maybe ESPN or NBC should hire him. He will definitely be much better than Piers Morgan for Fox.

    1. No thank you. I don’t really want Piers Morgan or Judah Freelander or any other celebrity on my soccer shows just because they are fans. I’d rather have actual content. Maybe a segment one time would be ok, but a recurring theme, I’ll pass.

      I am a big Daily Show fan, love John Oliver and his new show, so I guess if anyone came on, I’d rather it be him. But really, I’d rather have quality sport related content, which is what NBC and ESPN have done most of the time (though ESPNFC did just have Hugh Jackman on the other day, and that was a cringe-worthy segment).

  3. Spot on by the very funny John Oliver. Interesting to see that potential sponsors are now calling for an investigation into Qatar. The tide is beginning to turn.

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