WATCH How World Cup 2022 Was Stolen From USA & Other New Explosive Videos About FIFA [VIDEO]

British investigator and FIFA’s worst nightmare is back. Andrew Jennings, the famed author and TV journalist, is featured in a series of new videos on the eve of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The renowned author speaks candidly about his investigations into the alleged endemic corruption of the FIFA leadership and the high price paid by the people of Brazil to host the world’s biggest sporting event.

As the fallout from the Qatar 2022 bribery scandal continues, Jennings’ controversial reflections are an illuminating insight into the shadowy world of Football.

The interviews are now available as six individual clips (see below):

“No World Cup Here” – Part 1

The football stadia in Brazil are state of the art but the hospitals and schools are crumbling and understaffed. In the original series by, Andrew Jennings describes how taxpayers’ money is injected into high-tech FIFA sports grounds while medical and educational facilities decay.

“The best constructed football stadium you ever saw in your cost three times more than it should’ve done because of the money going out to corrupt politicians, to corrupt contractors, corrupt football officials” says Jennings. “The money has not gone to schools and hospitals.”

In this piece Jennings sets the scene for the next five videos on alleged corruption in FIFA.

“Where Did It Start?” – Part 2

Jennings traces FIFA’s past right back to its origins.

Jennings puts it bluntly, “FIFA is an organised crime syndicate.”

“The FBI Are On The Trail” – Part 3

In 2010, Jennings’ hunt to expose alleged FIFA corruption aligned with that of the FBI. He laments the fact that FIFA has become such that it’s unable to police itself.

“It’s a shocking thing isn’t it, that football’s unable to reform itself. We actually need the FBI and the brave street fighters of Brazil between them to bring some change to FIFA. It’s sad football can’t do it”

“The USA should have won the rights to stage the 2022 World was stolen from them”

“Want Tickets To The World Cup?” – Part 4

Jennings discusses the underbelly of FIFA World Cup ticket distribution.
“That’s the real world of ticketing in the World Cup. If you’ve got money you can go to a very, very big black market, which is not policed. FIFA doesn’t want to police it’

“40% coming out of the back door of FIFA straight into this private world that ordinary fans aren’t allowed to know about”

“Isn’t that Disgusting” – Part 5

An investigation chamber was created to scrutinize FIFA’s internal affairs and alleged crimes. Jennings takes us behind the scenes.

“The people running it work for Sepp Blatter. He controls their wages, their pensions, their holiday pay, their promotions, the fact they could be sacked is controlled by the man who should be most investigated”

“This is Pyongyang. This is the Jo Stalin trials of the 1930s”

“You the public are not allowed to see the evidence”

“You’re not allowed to know. It’s none of your business”

“It Gets Worse” – Part 6

In the sixth and final video, Jennings explores how the development of Olympics allegedly further burdens the Brazilian taxpayers.

“The taxpayers’ money has gone into these fantastically unnecessary stadia”

“At the end of the World Cup FIFA will depart Brazil with their big sacks of swag, their billions of dollars”

“Still there won’t be a hospital for that father with his sick child”

9 thoughts on “WATCH How World Cup 2022 Was Stolen From USA & Other New Explosive Videos About FIFA [VIDEO]”

  1. I liked the fact that he pointed out that FIFA isnt the only corrupt organization out there in part 6. However after watching Part 1 i feel like he should be investigating something more important than sports organizations.Corrupt government organizations influence our lives much more often than fifa and the IOC.

    1. I agree CH.
      But it’s crazy that the FBI is investigating Fifa didn’t know it was that bad.
      I feel bad for the Brazilian taxpayers. Billions of dollars going into a month long tournament And the country is so impoverished.

    2. FIFA is actually one of the most influential organization the world over, given the clout of the sport they represent and the presumptive dollars that follow it. The plight of workers in Qatar might never have been known to the majority of people had that nation not bribed its way into the 2022 tournament. That said, the manner in which FIFA has abdicated any responsibility for compelling Qatari officials to ensure 2022 isn’t built on the bones of 4,000 dead migrant workers is nothing short of a disgrace. I can think of no other world organization so effective at putting the world in its thrall while simultaneously holding back its considerable power as a force for good.

  2. Andrew Jennings is a great man.
    He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.
    But when the day comes when blatter and fifa finally fall hopefully he will be front and center.

  3. Deadspin is currently running articles tangent to this about the IOC and the 2022 Olympics, as in potential host are bailing out. Not to mention that New York as pulled out of the 2024 bidding process. As for FIFA, even with an FBI investigation, I’m not sure much will come of it. Likely, it could push Blatter out but the whole problem with the organization lies with two continents that are not likely to act, Europe and South America. The only scenario that could potentially force a change would be for a number of countries leave FIFA and form another organizing body and it would take a certain four to accomplish it. Given how European politics work and the UEFA factor, it’s going to take an event that basically makes FIFA completely inoperable to ever fix the problem. And when I say inoperable I mean they basically lose control of governing any events.

  4. Yeah, this is the stuff you don’t get on sky sports. Good job posting this so more people can be aware of the pain and suffering people endure so the rest of us can sit on the couch with our crisps and watch football.

  5. Great work here.

    I’ll say, again, that up until TV partners and marketers back out, there won’t be any changes.

    I doubt that is happening any time soon.

  6. Something needs to be done about the Government in Brazil. SERIOUSLY THEY SPENT AROUND $11 Billion when they aren’t even a first world country! While the other World Cups in Japan/Korea, Germany and South Africa only spent $3-4 Billion. Jesus. I found a song on youtube that really speaks about the corruption in Brazil. Sang by a Brazilian in English. I love the line “The Queen’s mask has fallen, we all know the truth”, referring to the President.

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