Arsene Wenger Signs Contract Extension At Arsenal to Stay Until 2017

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has agreed to sign an extension to his contract, which will keep the French manager at the Emirates Stadium until 2017.

Wenger is the longest serving current manager in the Premier League, having joined the club in 1996.

Today’s news regarding his extension will be a relief for many Arsenal supporters. Wenger won the 2014 FA Cup, and will hopefully use that piece of silverware as an opportunity to build a new legacy at Arsenal.

The contract extension is expected to be officially announced in the next few days, possibly as soon as tomorrow according to BBC Sport.

12 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Signs Contract Extension At Arsenal to Stay Until 2017”

  1. Not sure ‘many’ Arsenal fans are relieved. A cup run only papers over the cracks. Look at how they capitulated in the Prem after leading for so long.
    The Arsenal fans I know where hoping for a new face like Simone to inject new life.

    1. Count me as one that is relieved.
      There isn’t a proper replacement if he had left.

      The “cracks” were injuries. Most of us think a title challenge would have happened had Walcott & Ramsey not been injured.

      1. Agreed. Injury issues were paramount in Arsenals decline in the second half of the season. And decline in the sense that they still are in the Champions League… again.

        1. Everybody has injuries. Aguero and Negredo had season-ruining injuries for Manchester City. They were also without Kompany, Yaya Toure, Silva and Nasri for extended periods of the season. They still won the title. Arsenal have 1 or 2 key injuries and they are screwed. Then they blame injuries for their failure.

          1. Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Koscielny and Ozil were all out at one point in time. That is not “one or two key injuries”, that’s half the starting XI.

            And please, stop comparing City to anyone in the league except chelski. They’re playing a different game with the squads they have bought.

          2. spot on. though arsenal had a thinner squad. when aguero went out for city, negredo and dzeko stepped up, when silva went out yaya stepped up, and vice versa. city had a deeper squad.

            But, the fault of Wenger is that he has money to spend, and didn’t. He got Kaalstrom on loan in January and that’s it. It’s all on Wenger. Every team goes through injuries, the rich teams like Chelsea and City can pay for a deeper squad, and with this knowledge, Wenger said keeps saying he’ll only sign world class players on a cut rate price. It’s his own fault. Everyone knew they would slip with no backup to Giroud and only Ozil (of world class talent) coming in in the summer.

        2. Man City has a much greater depth than most teams. You’ll also note that they have the highest wage bill of any team, in any sport, on the globe.

  2. Overall good news. I can only think of one or two replacement coaches I would consider a step forward… and availability is always a consideration. Looking forward to the coming season… now to replace Sagna and get some help up front!

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