1.9 Million Viewers Watch 2014 UEFA Champions League Final On FOX

The US TV viewing numbers are in for the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The match was televised live on FOX, the free over-the-air network, and was watched by an average of 1.9 million people. This compares to the 1.4 million people who watched the 2013 Champions League final, but was far lower than the 2.6 million people who watched the 2011 Champions League final on FOX, between Barcelona and Manchester United.

Of course, a large variable in terms of how successful the finals are in regards to TV ratings is based on who the teams are.

The FOX broadcast of Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid delivered a 1.1/3 household rating/share with an average audience of 1.9 million viewers, +22% in rating and 36% in audience compared to last year’s Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund clash (0.9//2, 1.4 million) also on FOX. The match peaked at 2.2 million viewers from 5:00-5:15 PM ET during extra time.

FOX Deportes’ coverage of the 2014 Champions League final was the No. 1 Spanish-language sports program for the day with 1.2 million Hispanic viewers.

31 thoughts on “1.9 Million Viewers Watch 2014 UEFA Champions League Final On FOX”

  1. Of the 1.9 million viewers how many hit the mute button or found alternatives to the audio? That would be an interesting statistic.

      1. Doesn’t matter, snob. Gus and Eric are here for the long haul and those viewer numbers will serve to embolden Shanks to ignore the negative chatter and stay the course.

        1. Despite all the complaining, the ratings continue to rise. Shows that the game itself is bigger than jokers doing the commentary. And as dull as Chelsea are,had they made the final the numbers would have been even higher

        2. i too choose to watch desportes despite not understanding one word of spanish. I’d rather “FEEL IT” than listen to listen to “THEM”

      1. What about the people at the pub making fun of them? I wouldnt mute it because i love the crowd atmosphere, but the commentary gets annoying with gus and wynalda.

      2. Malcontents? That you enjoy the clueless screaming idiot and his lazy no-nothing sidekick says a lot about you.

        1. No, I choose not to complain and get all worked up about things I have no control over. Do I thins Gus is good? No. Do I think Wynalda’s commentary adds anything to the game? No. But Gus is not going anywhere so get used to it. I doubt that either Fox or Gus uses this web site to decide whether Gus should broadcast soccer games.

          1. Remy, that’s a self-defeatist attitude. People listen. Advertisers listen. If you give up, then people will run all over you.

          2. Maybe gus should use this site to gauge his growth. THEN MAYBE he would take the time to STUDY the great announcers and GROW

  2. I have to watch the matches regardless. Can we get TalkSport to sync to the matches? And no more talk about Gus, wynalda and Arlo. Can we look into that?

    1. Pause the TV until it syncs up with TalkSport. I had to do it a few times during the game but it was worth the trouble.

  3. The biggest reason I refuse to listen to Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda, as well as a few other American commentators, is not because they aren’t very experienced (everyone needs to start sometime) but because of their use of soccer terminology that is alien to the sport.

    Listen to soccer commentary in any English-speaking country and the terms used to describe the action is the same. None uses terms like “line drive” or “in transition” which are meaningful in baseball and basketball respectively. Would baseball fans appreciate listening to commentators say “it didn’t make the boundary” or “that was hit to silly mid-off”. That would be silly, wouldn’t it? So why should soccer fans be expected to put up with terms alien to the sport? Every other English-speaking country conforms to the same norms of soccer terminology, why not America?

    1. if you havent noticed but american english is different than the queens english , which other nations use. also why should we conform to other nations? we are the freaking United States, we are the ones who set the standards.

        1. Clearly not, judging by the way he spells Eddy.

          There is no such thing as American English. There is only English. We invented it. You adopted it.

  4. Any football broadcast leading to a World Cup will always have an increase in viewership. To even try to relate the numbers and the Gus Johnson debacle is idiotic.

    Fox will have to do something with their broadcast.. Viewership will demand it.. Complaints were WAY up.. And nothing the Fox spin machine could do anything about it.

    More viewers=more complaints

    Fox can ignore it to a point, but aside from the Fox pr placed articles the last couple of weeks there have been som real harsh criticisms of the Fox soccer broadcasts. They will have to change, because it will be very easy to turn to Spanish for the World Cup and it’s not on Fox deportes it’s Univision.

    So the Fox pr girl can spin this all she wants but they know these numbers should have been more like 2011


  5. I wonder how many of the 1.2 million that watched on Fox Deportes had no idea what was being said so they wouldn’t have to listen to Gus JOHNSON!

  6. It sickens me to learn that Fox have got the rights to the US open from 2015. If Shanks cares to know why we are all so upset with their sh*tty soccer coverage, maybe he should let the clueless screaming idiot try his hand at golf.

    I can hear it now. MASHED POTATOES! GET IN THE HOLE! PAR! DOUBLE BOGEY! He would last two minutes. So why is it acceptable for him to cover soccer?

    1. Well for the US Open, FOX has signed Greg Norman to be their main analyst so it’s already better than their lead football commentary team

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