WATCH Movie Trailer For ‘United Passions’ Film About FIFA: Major Motion-Picture Propaganda [VIDEO]

‘United Passions’ is a brand-new film about the founding and history of FIFA, soccer’s top governing body. The major motion-picture features stars Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu and Sam Neill. Based on the trailer for the film (see below), it’s a sweeping story that ranges from a period piece (when FIFA was founded) to a mystery thriller as it examines the alleged corruption and politics within the organization.

According to The Guardian newspaper, “The film cost a reported £19m to make, with Fifa said to have pumped £16m into the project, and flatteringly portrays Blatter, Rimet and Havelange as visionaries and icons of the global game. Blatter himself was reported to have tweaked the script.”

It just goes to show that money can buy you almost anything.

The film was scheduled to be released in France last week, and will be released in June in Serbia. No release dates have been announced yet for the UK or United States.

Mobile app users, watch the video here.

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