Your Predictions for the Final 2013-14 Premier League Table; How Did You Do?

For the past seven years I’ve posted my predictions at the beginning of each season for how the final Premier League table will look. And, at the same time, I’ve always opened it up to you, the readers, to cast your predictions too. So how did we do?

First up is my prediction, which was a complete failure this season. I honestly thought that Manchester United, fresh off their title-winning season, would go on to win it again this season, and that Tottenham — buoyed by 7 major signings — would storm up the table. On the other side of the table, I fell into the trap of picking the three teams that almost everyone else predicted would get relegated — Cardiff, Hull and Crystal Palace. One out of three isn’t good enough!

Here are my full predictions:

1. Manchester United
2. Tottenham Hotspur
3. Chelsea
4. Manchester City
5. Arsenal
6. Liverpool
7. Everton
8. Swansea City
9. Sunderland
10. West Ham United
11. Aston Villa
12. Newcastle United
13. Norwich City
14. Southampton
15. West Bromwich Albion
16. Fulham
17. Stoke City
18. Cardiff City
19. Hull City
20. Crystal Palace

Looking at the predictions from you, the World Soccer Talk readers, it’s amazing how many of you (and myself included) picked Crystal Palace, Hull City, Cardiff and Stoke to be relegated. None of the readers got close to getting all of the predictions correct, but many of you predicted that Manchester City would win it. No one predicted Liverpool would finish in second place.

Lastly, let’s examine how some of the experts did in their predictions.

Men In Blazers‘ Roger Bennett’s predictions:

1. Manchester City
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester United
4. Everton


18. Hull City
19. Crystal Palace
20. Stoke City

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti’s predictions:

1. Manchester City
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester United
4. Tottenham

18. Cardiff City
19. Hull City
20. Crystal Palace

Here are the predictions from BBC Sports’ Phil McNulty:

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester City
3. Manchester United
4. Tottenham
5. Arsenal
6. Liverpool
7. Everton
8. West Ham
9. Aston Villa
10. Swansea
11. Southampton
12. Newcastle
13. Fulham
14. Stoke
15. West Brom
16. Norwich
17. Sunderland
18. Cardiff
19. Crystal Palace
20. Hull City

Meanwhile, here are the predictions from the top writers at Pro Soccer Talk. Notice how all of them predicted Crystal Palace would finish dead last in the table.

11 thoughts on “Your Predictions for the Final 2013-14 Premier League Table; How Did You Do?”

  1. Good stuff Gaffer.

    I looked back at my predictions and had a good laugh at my stupidity:

    1. MUFC
    2. Arsenal
    3. Chelsea
    4. Liverpool
    5. MCFC
    6. Spurs
    7. Swansea

    I thought City would slip a little in the managerial transition. Lucky enough I was way off.

    1. The only thing laughable there is Swansea in 7th. Otherwise, like me, you were pretty much right, just out of order.

  2. I did well with Stoke City (predicted 10th). I was robbed on Sunderland’s relegation because they fired diCanio too quickly and they were allowed to recover. Also robbed by Tony Pulis and him leading Crystal Palace to have a winning record under his leadership.

    My top seven was very accurate… just terribly out of order. :^P

    1. I picked Stoke to be relegated because of Hughes but shockingly he didnt do too badly. Oh well even a blind squirrel happens upon an acorn sometimes.

      1. He helped Stoke City set a points total record and finish in the top half of the table. That is hardly happening upon an acorn.

        1. You obviously havent noticed my opinion on Hughes. For a hint, ask almost any Man City fan–Or qpr fan for that matter–their opinion of Hughes.

  3. I thought august this 1.chelsea. 2.m.united. 5.arsenal. 6.everton 7.liverbool. How incredible its united to finsh seven and liverbool from 7th to almost top?

  4. My predictions were AWFUL.

    Picked Chelsea to win. LOL.
    Picked Spurs to make Champions League. LOL.
    Picked Hull, Stoke and Crystal Palace to be relegated. LOL.

    But the worst part of my predictions was this lovely section…

    6. Liverpool
    7. Norwich City
    8. Swansea City
    9. Everton

    I’m still laughing. :)

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