WATCH Brendan Rodgers Post-Match Interview After Liverpool’s 3-3 Draw Against Palace [VIDEO]

After an incredible Premier League match full of theater, drama and wonderful entertainment as well as agony, an emotionally spent Brendan Rodgers gave a post-match interview to Sky Sports where he admitted that Liverpool have lost the title, and admitted that his team made defensive mistakes.

Watch the video interview here:

25 thoughts on “WATCH Brendan Rodgers Post-Match Interview After Liverpool’s 3-3 Draw Against Palace [VIDEO]”

  1. Rodgers has basically told both Villa and the Hamas to not even bother showing up. Bit disrespectful that. If they roll over and die against City he will only have himself to blame. He should have done a Keegan and implored both teams to go hard at City like Palace did to Liverpool. Lack of experience by Rodgers. None of other managers he is competing against would have conceded with two games to go.

  2. Very very naive Again
    Can Liverpool supporters remind me how defending is boring again
    Treating other teams with disrespect and expecting them to roll over for you
    This is professional sport where only winners survive
    Tell me again how entertaining your team is

    1. You may get a few likes this time. I mostly agree with you. Sloppy defending has done them in. That said, they at least have the option to attack. Your lot only know one way to play which is why you get all the flack.

  3. So it looks like Davia Moyes is going to Finnish the season with more trophies than Rodgers and Mourhino combined

    1. No title for LFC in the PL era it has a nice ring. Hope your pool friends have refundable trips they will look funny at City’s parade in red shirts.

      1. I’d call and check on that but it seems like all their phones have mysteriously stopped working at the same time.

          1. I seem to remember Suarez celebrating in the World Cup after his handball incident while the Ghana players were in tears after the game. Funny how things come full circle and now he had to be literally helped of the pitch by his teammates.

          2. paybacks are a -itch. you need to screen grab some of the shots of Pool fans would make great Xmas card from MUFC fan to Pool fan.

  4. Tonight showed how naive Brendan Rodgers is. Instead of closing shop he decides to go for more goals to try and reduce the goal difference with City. That’s fine but when Palace scored twice to cut it to just a single goal lead why take off Sturride and bring on Moses who has been utterly useless all season long and not bring on Agger a defender? Terrible management by a vey naive manager. No other manager I know would have made such a monumental error. And it’s not as if he didn’t know how poor his defense has been all season long.

  5. Absolutely shocking tactics at the end by Rodgers. It shows how much he has to improve to be considered a top manager. It’s games like these that shows how good a manager is and Rodgers failed miserably tonight. Tonight, as bad as the defending was, it was the manager’s decisions that cost Liverpool 2 points.

    Pulis will now get the Manager of the Year award.

    England would do well to leave out Glen Johnson whose defending has never been great but tonight it showed how poor a defender he really is. Even an inexperienced Flanagan is better. Maybe England should look to move one of their left backs into the right back posiion. Should try Shaw on the right.

    1. The reality is, Man City were likely to win their last two games. The only way to win the Title was to make up the GD. And Liverpool went for it. The tie hurts, but the truth is, the Chelsea loss was the more critical event.

      1. I agree that the Chelsea loss was bad (and unlucky in a way) but allowing a side like Palace to score 3 times in 11 minutes at the end of the game with a 3 goal lead is worse especially since it was preventable with common sense management. Liverpool were not unlucky but stupid in how they allowed the lead to evaporate. That’s why it’s worse.

  6. A crazy lesson on in-game tactics and substitutions. I thought Rodgers was silly to call out defensive lapses in his players when he clearly had a lot of blame in who he could have brought on to stop the damage.

    Once that first Palace goal went in, he should’ve subbed a defender and held on for a win.

    The fact he blamed defensive lapses (on the players) while not taking any responsibility himself, was pretty damning.

    1. Rodgers will never take the blame. He always blames others even if things go wrong due to his tactics. He has an overinflated ego. Good manager but his post-match comments can be delusional sometimes.

      Today showed how poor he is as a tactician that he couldn’t arrange his defence to protect a lead, not at 3-1, not at 3-2. Shocking. The players take some blame but the manager takes the brunt of it as he is supposed to be the leader making good decisions. Liverpool were let down by Rodgers today when they needed him most. And not admitting to his share of the blame says a lot about the man.

    2. Ridiculous!!! Rodgers clearly said that all aspects of the team failed. Players,Coaches and MANAGER!!! You win and lose as a team and that’s what he said! Where did he not recognize his part in the failure??? Could’ve used Jose Enrique today instead of Glen Johnson.

  7. This Liverpool’s epic surrender will be remembered for Rodgers’s lack of judgment. As manager he has to talk his players through the last minutes and make the right substitutions. He failed at both. Not providing help to his leaky defence (it’s been that way the entire season) is nothing short of stupidity.

    Sadly, Liverpool’s terrific season will remembered more for how they lost to Chelsea and drew with Palace and their manager’s poor decision-making. A few days ago they had the title in their hands and somehow bottled it big time.
    but managed to bottle it in epic style.

    1. Yes, but after the tears dry I will remember it also as a stepping stone season. After watching a bio of Ryan Giggs, this season for Liverpool’s very similar to United’s 1991 season where they just fell short. United didn’t go backwards they just became hungrier and then dominated the 90’s. This is a CRUCIAL transfer window upcoming for LFC. They need to rebuild the defense and acquire depth for Europe. They can go 2 ways. They can be a flash in the pan squad and go backwards or they can be a talented squad and continue to improve and then dominate. I believe in the latter.

    2. Odd. I think I’ll remember this as the year Liverpool reemerged on the platform of globally competitive football. When they finally got themselves back into the Champions League. When, despite their leaky defense, managed to be in on of the greater battles for the EPL Title in recent memory.

      I’ll remember how Suarez at least tied the record for goals scored in a season. I’ll remember how Suarez and Sturidge scored more goals between them, than many EPL teams.

      I’ll remember the heartbreak that was the Chelsea loss. I’ll remember how Liverpool were so close. I’ll remember how this may be the first year of many to come with such a relatively young team.

      I’ll remember that unlike Chelsea, Liverpool put it all out on the pitch against Palace. That they were thinking of GD. They went hard and it backfired, but they at least made the push to be winners, they didn’t wait back and hope the Title came to them.

      And most importantly, I’ll remember this was the first season Suarez didn’t do anything so mindnumbingly stupid that I was left banging my head on the coffee table.

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