7 Transfer Targets For Barcelona to Consider

Barcelona’s 2-2 draw against Getafe on Saturday was a big blow to the Catalan giant’s title hopes. Given their performances in domestic and international competition this year, FC Barcelona could use new signings to upgrade their aging core. Combine this with the impeding transfer ban that is under appeal, the club will need to act fast to secure the right players for the long term.

The following is a list of some possible targets for the club (in no specific order), as well as a few players who could make way for these transfers to occur.


1. Marc-Andre ter Stegen
The goalkeeper’s current club, Borussia Monchengladbach, has already announced a transfer agreement has been reached with an unnamed foreign club, rumored to be Barcelona. The 22-year-old is highly regarded and could be a massive upgrade over the departing Victor Valdes.

2. Pepe Reina
Reina is another goalkeeper long targeted by the Catalans. The Spaniard and former Barcelona player has made it clear that he would be open to a move back to the side where he started his career. This move is a no-brainer given his form on loan at Napoli this year and the goalkeeping situation at Liverpool.

3. David Luiz
Another longtime Barcelona target, the Brazilian center-back is rumored to be the subject of a 35 million euro bid by the Catalan side. Given his reduced playing time this year as well as Chelsea’s success with him in the side, it makes perfect sense that he would be the target of a number of bids this summer.

4. Thiago Silva
While a bit optimistic, a bid for Thiago Silva could be in the cards for Barcelona. Given PSG’s financial clout and the fact that Silva just recently joined in 2012, it may be tough to convince the Parisians to sell. If they are successful, the Brazilian defender could be a huge asset as he is arguable the best defender in soccer right now.

5. Martin Skrtel
Another Liverpool player of interest is Martin Skrtel. The Slovakian is leading all defenders in the Premier League in goals this season while imposing himself at the opposite end of the pitch. While Liverpool’s entrance into the Champions League may prove to be a stumbling block for the transfer, Skrtel could be a great signing for the club.

6. Aurelien Chedjou
A young center-back playing for Galatasary, Chedjou is being mentored by fellow countryman and former Barcelona talisman Samuel Eto’o. Given his age and potential, it may be hard to convince the Turkish club to sell. However 15 million euros and the pull of Barcelona should do the trick.

7. Thomas Müller
Of all the names on this list, Müller is likely the least realistic transfer to go through. He has become an established regular at his boyhood club Bayern Munich but there are a glut of attacking midfielders in the side which may force his hand. Also consider that Barcelona are rumored to be selling a similar player, right-winger Alexis Sanchez, to Juventus. While Sanchez is a great player who has been in fantastic form this season, Müller would clearly be an upgrade.


Cesc Fabregas
While his talent is undisputed, Fabregas has been a luxury for Barcelona this year, being deployed in more of a utility role. Manchester United has been reported to be lining up a £50million bid for the midfielder, which ought to convince Barcelona to sell in order to raise funds for other parts of the squad.

Alex Song
Arsenal has been rumored to be interested in making a move for their former player. If Barcelona could get back 15 million euros for a player whom they hardly use, it would be good business for both sides.

While Barcelona has been in a miniature crisis, there is no need to panic. As other teams throughout Europe have shown, with shrewd spending and intelligent sales, they can be back on top in no time.

15 thoughts on “7 Transfer Targets For Barcelona to Consider”

  1. xavi go wia? Alexis go wia? Pedro go wia? Abeg Oga fabrigas e don do, ur time don expire,dani boy, na two we employ u play nt na 7 u dey play, come go o,d whole defenders apart from Jodi Alba d machine,make una park una bag,Mr shakira, go into music industry with ur wife nd leave football, no be by force, nd finally, sell messi so neymer can rise nd shine Abeg

  2. We like the stay of Tata Martino,but we need more of his experience. Let bring Ozil to Barca,he is a right-player that suppose to join us. We are not suppose to allow the move- out of Sergio Robberto becouse he is thm only play that will replace Xavi(a highly most talented player). In General,our problems is not only the defenders and goalkepers(even tho that it is our major problems), we have to take lesson and consider by the time that Messi get injured,we have no1 to play exatly his role,the same as injure of Ineista,Xavi, who will replace and do the same of those fantastic players?(when they get injure at a season). So by this we have to look a good players that would be on our bench as subtitute. Please where are, Ibrahim Affley,Cuenca please bring them back. Thank Barca 4lyf.

  3. Barca must prepare for the future, analyst your suggestions are stupid and retrogressive, how can you possible talk about the exit of Fab as a good solution, so that an old Xavi stays for what, Xavi is no longer an effective player, looking at the last 3games have you seen the impact that Fab brings to Barca, he has that creativity and you add that with the silk artistry of Iniesta and the wizadry of Messi you have an explosive Barca that creates chances but with Xavi there is no creativity its only keep possession football without anything meaningfull at the end
    We sale Song for what, what if busqts gets a massive injury, and Song is not that bad by the way more game time is what he needs
    Barca need fresh blood to add to some of the young experienced players there, and Xavi can no longer be a vital part of our squad, he should follow Puyol and Valdes in leaving Barca

  4. Tank every 1,in addition to ur advice 4 barca.barca need anoda goalkeeper,we cn still manage mascherano n alba in defence,n replace d rest defender.xavi,invests n bouquet sud stay.many pple will say xavi sud go,but xavi is a material to d team in term of experience.all we hv to do is to find replacement 4 dem.like we av robato n fabregas.dia is no need 4 fabregas to exit d team.And to dos forwards,we need both messi n neymar.den others can go.but win den keep dat fast runner (affelay) since.barca neva give him d nice time to play.although we need an header like muller in d front.dats all barca need fo nw.

  5. FC Barcelona should go for Thiago Silva. They might be able to get him because Qatar foundation sponsor FC Barcelona Jersey and Qatar Govt. own PSG so they already have business relationship. Thiago would be the best signing for FC Barcelona.

  6. We all know that Barcelona is a great club in Europe that’s y some club did not sell players for us y, it makes our team keep improving every day,as for now Xavi have go out who to replace him no Body that’s y I keep saying we should get Massive players like van persie, hazard, suarez and Good defenders like Rojo, Garay, sketel,Depemchey and Kompany and fantastic midfielders like Koke,yaya Torue and Oscar to rebuild our club like 2009 champions league against man united

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