Manchester United Be Prepared, Louis Van Gaal Is A Character Driven By Success

Louis van Gaal

Premier League fans, be prepared. Louis Van Gaal it’s not going to be a quiet introduction to the heady world of England’s top flight.

The Netherlands national team head coach has already expressed an interest in managing in the Premier League (see video below) after the World Cup. And today’s report indicates that a deal has been agreed in principle with Manchester United.

Manchester United executives and supporters need to be prepared before Van Gaal’s massive ego makes its grand entrance. He can be confident, aggressive, arrogant, stubborn, confrontational and easily prone to outbursts and temper tantrums, as well as some zany behavior at times.

Van Gaal believes he has no equal. He believes there isn’t a single person whose knowledge of football comes anywhere close to his; such statements might hurt Jose Mourinho, the most. To add to the misery, his outbursts in the dressing room will fill his players with fear.

After being appointed as Ajax boss, he told his director “congratulations on getting the best coach in the world.”

Years later in a press conference, he quipped “We have top players, and, sorry, I’m arrogant, a top coach.”

Upon taking the charge at Bayern, he said “The mentality of Bayern fits me perfectly. Why? The motto here is ‘we are who we are’. And I am who I am: confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hardworking and innovative.”

While the players who have never witnessed his style of management before will be in utter disbelief, the media might be surprised by his hubris and pretentious manner.

At Bayern, in an attempt to make it clear to his players that there isn’t anyone who will be treated specially and be given top priority in the line-ups, he insisted he ‘had the balls’ to leave any one of them out of the team as he believed that all players are secondary to his systems. Fearing they didn’t believe him, he decided to prove it to the Bayern players.

Luca Toni, the former Bayern attacker, told Bild:

“He wanted to make clear that he can drop any player. It was all the same to him because, as he said, he had the balls. He demonstrated it literally (by dropping his trousers). I have never experienced anything like it, it was totally crazy.”

There’s more to Van Gaal than just controversies, though. His coaching record is quite phenomenal. He has won seven league titles with four different clubs in three different countries.

However, he remains much more than a man who delivers titles wherever he goes. His uncompromising attacking principles bring entertainment to the field. He has never lined up to tailor to the opposition or to just grind out a result. Nothing is acceptable apart from dominance.

Furthermore, his commendable trust in youth players is great. If Van Gaal sees ability in a player, he will surely give him a chance without considering experience or age.

It is this mindset that saw him lift his only UEFA Champions League trophy to date with Ajax in 1995, a team that consisted of young talent and rising stars like Patrick Kluivert (18), Edgar David (22), Clarence Seedorf (19), Marc Overmars (22), Michael Reiziger (22) and Nwankwo Kanu (19).

Given his successful managerial career, people who assume that appointing Van Gaal to Manchester United is pointless, as he is already 62-years old and can only be a temporary fix, are missing the point. Van Gaal doesn’t only bring success. Through his style instilled in the team and his power to nurture young talent, it will help lay the foundation for a club to sustain even greater future success.

For Manchester United players and directors, as well as the fans and the press, Van Gaal will surely be a nightmare, but perhaps he possesses the ability to convert it into dreams along the way.

10 thoughts on “Manchester United Be Prepared, Louis Van Gaal Is A Character Driven By Success”

  1. It will l end in tears. Whilst Ferguson is sat in the stands and his minions like Giggs are at the training ground no manager has a chance of success there.

    1. No manager can have success at Manchester United because the former manager is watching games from the stands and his former players are on the training ground?
      That’s ridiculous. Van Gaal had success at Bayern where the whole club is run by former players who have turned into executives or coaches. If he can deal with likes of Karl-Heinze Rumminiege, Uli Hoeness, and Franz B. then I’m sure he can handle the class of 92.
      Ryan Giggs, Butt, Scholes, and Phil have never been disruptive presences in the dressing room going back to their playing days and they have no say in the way the club is run so that minions bit holds no credence.
      Fergie never tampered with team during David’s tenure. He let the guy sack off the whole backroom staff when he said not do it, he didn’t make a fuss about Moyes keeping Rooney, and he’s rarely been in the press about United during the season.
      If Alex watching a game from the Director’s Box affects a manager then that person clearly lacks confidence in their own abilities and is most likely not good enough. All the elite coaches have bags of confidence Pep, Mourinho, Bielsa, Van Gaal, Ancellotti, Conti, Heynckes, Del Bosque, formerly Sir Alex, etc. I’d rather a brash and arrogant manager over a weak timid one like David Moyes everyday.

  2. Ferguson has the personality that suggests he really doesn’t want anyone to succeed at United as it would diminish his success. He would hate that.

    1. That’s honestly stupid. How would that “Diminish” his success. If Moyes won the treble that would make Fergie look like a God because he could say I picked him and he’s a winner. That logic doesn’t make any sense. If Moyes were to have done well that would surely massaged his ego better than Moyes having the season that he had with United.
      You have to be a bitter delusional fan to actually believe that. He put in 27 years of Hard work to help get United to where they are now and because of his ego wants the club to fail? Did that make sense to you when you wrote that? If what you’re saying is true then why would he still be involved with the club if wants it to fail so his success cannot be “diminished”?

  3. Jake, if another manager comes in and has success people will say that its easy to have success at united. That then diminishes Fergusons achievements because anyone could have done it. Not rocket science. You’ll see. ferguson will make sure no one has success there. That’s his nature and what made him so successful himself. that hasn’t disappeared just because he’s retired.

  4. I dont think ferguson wants the failure of any coach at united. Instead he is intrested in the success of the club. It was his indirect influence and his formation that made united win olympiacos in the return leg at old trafford. I wish any coach of man u be it Ryan Giggs or Loius Van Gaal success in his tenor of coaching in manchester united

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